Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 81: Character-building skills and Communication Skills

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 81: Character-building skills and Communication Skills. This post is running concurrently on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 81 Character building skills for homeschool high schoolers. Help your teens with character development.

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 81: Character-building skills and Communication Skills

How do you help homeschool highschoolers build the thinking, communicating and social skills they need in order to develop good character?

Teens really do want to have good character. How do we help them feel empowered in various settings to manage themselves successfully?

Let’s start with us parents: (You might be able to call this episode: nag prevention for moms!)

  • Why is communicating with teens different than communicating with younger children?
  • Respecting the *Why’s* (theirs and ours).
  • Doing what they don’t want to do.
  • Teaching them to be contagious in a positive way.
  • Equip them for success and failure.
  • Understand that there’s not ONE right way to be a teen or an adult!
  • How to avoid barking!
  • How to handle crossed-the-line behavior.
  • How to keep your power.
  • How to handle tough moments.

You can help your teens build character and communication skills at this critical time in their lives…and sharpen your own skills. It is a never-ending process…believe us, we’ve been working on it for years!

Increasing our skills and our teens’ skills is a great project with great rewards. Join Sabrina, Vicki, Kym and Quella the seeing-eye dog-in-training for fun and adventure on Homeschool Highschool Podcast!

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Join us characters from HSHSP for character-building skills for homeschool highschoolers!


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Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 81: Character- building skills and Communication Skills

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