Homeschool Language Arts Helps for Novices

Feel a little intimidated by homeschool high school language arts credit? Here are some homeschool language arts helps for novices.

homeschool language arts helps

Homeschool Language Arts Help

If you’re new to homeschooling high school, here’s the most important thing you need to know: YOU can do it!!

Now, here are some helps for getting started with your teen’s very important Language Arts credits:

A homeschool high school Language Arts credit usually encompasses:

  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar/Editing
  • Public Speaking

Literature (Reading is the anchor of the Language Arts credit. You can choose General or Mixed Topics, American, British, World, or specialized topics like Great Christian Writers or C.S. Lewis Studies as the literature emphasis for Language Arts.)

Introductory Literature and Composition Part A from
Click image for full description.

Writing (Whether they are college bound or not, homeschool high schoolers need to write, write, write! They will be hindered in life if they aren’t comfortable expressing themselves in writing. The writing component of Language Arts should include essays, short stories, poetry, research papers, resumes and more.)

Vocabulary (All homeschool high schoolers need to work on vocabulary, but future SAT/ACT takers REALLY need to keep sharp with words. Vocabulary is often found in literature study guides and can be enhanced with other curriculum or online resources such as

Introductory Literature and Composition Part B
Click image for full description.

Grammar/Editing (By the time homeschoolers reach high school, many are proficient in basic grammar and should concentrate on editing skills. Moms: don’t do the work for them. Let them use the rubrics in their writing guides and the editing tools built into Word or Pages.)

Public Speaking (This is one of the most important skills for any homeschool high schooler. College-bound or not, they will have to speak in front of people sometime. Teens tell us that they love 7Sisters Public Speaking curriculum!

Speech I

If you can combine literature, writing, and vocabulary into one curriculum, your job will be easier.

7 Sisters Introductory Guide to High School Literature and Composition Parts A and B does just this. Each text covers one semester of Literature, Writing, and Vocabulary.


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Homeschool Language Arts Help


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