Homeschool Resolutions: Calm Mom, Calm Kids

New Year or anytime of year is a good time to make these healthy homeschool resolutions: calm mom, calm kids.

Homeschool Resolutions: Calm Mom, Calm Kids

Homeschool Resolutions: Calm Mom, Calm Kids

Time to tweak your parenting? Whether you homeschool high schoolers, middle schoolers, or elementary schoolers, you know there are times we need a fine tune on our parenting. Now is a good time for some healthy homeschool resolutions!

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The first thing to do, of course, is to make sure my prayer life is strong. 7Sisters’ Prayer Journal 1 and Prayer Journal 2 give fresh prayer ideas (and for our friends with chronic illness, our friend Lisa shares God Meets Me Here).

Prayer is done! Now, here are some of my favorite homeschool resolutions for calm mom, calm kids:

  • Cause and effect should be in proportion to one another.  In our elementary science co-op we used to make those cool volcanoes where a mixture of baking soda and vinegar cause an eruption, “lava” flowing all over the kitchen table.  The amount of lava mess on the table was in proportion to the amount of baking soda and vinegar we put in the volcano, right?

Well, if I lose my temper and yell for an hour over six dirty dishes in the sink (because I’m already stressed about something else), my kids will dismiss the entire event as “Mom is being a spaz.”  The effect is out of proportion to the cause, and we all know it.  God didn’t flood the whole earth just because people forgot to thank Him one time.

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  • The effect should have a direct tie to the cause.  Dishes in the sink? Everyone has to stop doing other stuff and come work together (perhaps singing a merry tune as they labor) to correct the situation.

If it’s inconvenient to clean up the dishes when you were watching a movie with a friend or shooting baskets in the driveway, you will be more likely to remember to do it when you finish eating next time around.  God always makes it easier for us to stop a bad behavior in progress than it is to go back later and clean up the hurt we created or the chaos we left behind.

  • The effect should speak for itself.  If it has a lecture attached, it loses power.  God sent His word repeatedly to WARN the people to turn from sin.  But once He acted in accordance with His word, the action spoke for itself.

God didn’t keep talking about it as the Jews were marched into captivity in Babylon.  “I tried to tell you not to bow down to the Baals, but would you listen? Noooo!  And now look at you.  Do you think this is the way I wanted things to turn out?  But you just won’t follow through on what you know is right….”

Keep it all in proportion.  Keep it tied to the specific bad habit.  Let the consequence speak for itself.  That’s how I learned to keep calm as a mom and keep my kids calm, too. (For more on resolutions…or UNresolutions, check out Homeschool Highschool Podcast Episode 40: New Year’s UNresolutions for homeschooling families.)

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Homeschool Resolutions: Calm Mom, Calm Kids


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