Homeschooling High School for Good Character and Good Culture- 5 Necessary Tools

When my kids entered adolescence, I knew I would continue to homeschool and not simply academics! We would be homeschooling high school for good character and good culture. Here are 5 tips for character and culture development in our teens.

Homeschooling High School for Good Character and Good Culture

Homeschooling High School for Good Character and Good Culture

Homeschooling high school gives me a chance to make sure my high schoolers have been grounded in the true skills they need to be good people and contribute to positive change in our culture.

As parents, we can model good character ourselves and do our best to create a Christ-like culture at home, with our co-ops and/or homeschool group classes, and in our churches.

Prayer Journal 1

Here are some things that provide an infrastructure of healthy character development and culture:

1) Faith- goes without saying. Homeschool is the free-est place to teach and model our faith. We parents can model a lifestyle of prayer in front of our teens and with our teens, of trusting God in difficult situations, and the fruit of the spirit. (Catch our classic post: 10 Reasons I Homeschool) and if you and your homeschool high schools want to shake up the box and try something different, try our interactive prayer guides and our FREE no-background-in-apologetics-needed apologetics series.

2) Love-I Corinthians 13 warns us that we can do all kinds of things without love but they are useless. Love is what makes our hard work Christ-like.

3) Relationship- Homeschool high schoolers, like teens anywhere, learn more about good character and power for creating good through their good relationships with their parents.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

4) Boundaries- This is the pop word for “Good manners”. Boundaries help us know when to stop a behavior and when to increase a behavior. Kids first learn these by seeing good manners modeled by their parents. They also benefit by learning specific etiquette and social skills. My adult kids tell me how important learning social skills and boundary setting was for their healthy adulthood.

5) Thinking skills- It is SOOO important that our homeschool high schoolers grow up to be thinkers. Only those who have the ability to think can truly monitor their own good characters and actually make themselves available to God as culture creators. Thinkers can make a difference in their world.

That’s one reason that 7 Sisters asked philosopher (and my oldest son) Dr. Micah Tillman to help create History and Philosophy of the Western World. It is a light-hearted, level-able World History credit that gently introduces teens to thinking skills.

Philosophy in 4 Questions.

AND we’re so excited that NOW Dr. Tillman’s understandable, in-depth, full philosophy credit course Philosophy in 4 Questions is available. It was a favorite course of my youngest son and his good friends.

As parents, we have to God-given responsibility to create a culture in our homes that perhaps our kids can replicate as they grow.

Here’s a poem I wrote to help our local homeschool moms and teens understand about Culture Creating:

Creators create.

We are created in God’s image.

He created with His words.

We create our culture with our words.

We are created in God’s image.

He created the power of relationship.

We create by the power of our relationships.

We are created in God’s image.

He created boundaries for land and sea, for roles and relationships.

We create boundaries in choices and relationships.

We are created in God’s image.

He created by giving.

We create by giving.

We are created in God’s image.

He created beauty in nature and spirit.

We create beauty in and around us.

Creators create.


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Homeschooling High School for Good Character and Good Culture


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