Homeschooling Reluctant Reader Teens: Hope and Encouragement

Here are some tips from 7Sisters Kym for homeschooling reluctant reader teens.

Homeschooling Reluctant Reader Teens

Homeschooling Reluctant Reader Teens

Don’t feel bad if you are homeschooling reluctant reader teens. 7Sisters Kym has some encouragement and tips to help you realistically work with those homeschool high schoolers.

Every homeschooling high schooler is different. Some teens are gifted with working with their hands. Some teens are gifted in friendliness. Some teens are gifted in homemaking. Some teens are gifted in prayer.

Whatever the gift and whether teens enjoy reading or not, they must be competent readers in order to succeed in life.

How do you work with teens who are reluctant readers? We’ve got some encouragement from Kym.

One great resource for homeschooling reluctant reader teens is 7Sisters’ Literature and Composition (Parts A and B). This friendly, no-busywork, short-lesson material gives homeschool high schoolers a

Introduction to Literature and Composition Part A

general overview of great but accessible literature and writing. It is made for success and true understanding of the material. Encourage your teens and yourself. Download Literature and Composition Part A get on the road to success.

Click here for some suggestions for meaningful reading for reluctant readers.

Can books be used to help build character? Click here to see what the United States Department of Education says.

Homeschooling Reluctant Readers

Homeschooling Reluctant Reader Teens


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