How to Choose the Best Literature Activity Guide for Your Elementary Child

Here’s advice on how to choose the best Literature Activity Guide for your elementary child.

How to Choose the Best Literature Activity Guide for Your Elementary Child

How to Choose the Best Literature Activity Guide for Your Elementary Child

Young readers vary in their skills and abilities. Here’s a quick guide from the the author of 7Sisters’ delightful Literature Activity Guides for choosing the best guide for your elementary homeschooler’s needs and abilities.

7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides are not intended to snuff the joy out of reading the selected books. The purpose is to capture the interest for a book, and use that to motivate your child to increase the understanding of that (and eventually other) book.

The Elementary Activity guides offered by 7Sisters cover a range of reading abilities. Books have been chosen to cover a wide span of interest and ability. Although the categories of skills offered in each guide are consistent, having your child learn them while reading a book on his / her own level is the key to comprehension.

For children who have just about mastered decoding, choose guides for books such as:

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar,

Literature Activity Guide for Very Hungry Caterpillar

Freckle Juice,

Elementary Literature Activity Guide for Freckle Juice

The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo,

The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo Elementary Literature Activity Guide


and Sunflower House.

Elementary Literature Activity Guide for Sunflower House

Yes, the reading is simple, but crucial skills can be learned from these books!

Have a reader who is comfortable in his/her ability?

Guides for books such as Curious George,

Literature Activity Guide for Curious George


Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy

Miss Nelson is Missing,

Literature Activity Guide for Miss Nelson is Missing

and Peter Rabbit are a good choice.

Literature Activity Guide for A Tale of Peter Rabbit

You’ll notice that we use of a lot of classic children literature as well as newer books on the market. Reading those books we grew to love as well as recent releases keeps children rooted in solid teaching as well as current in today’s world.

Readers who read quickly don’t necessarily understand everything they’re reading.

They may be excellent decoders but still need instruction in the various skills needed for understanding the concepts presented by authors. Books for upper-end elementary readers include Miss Rumphius,

Miss Rumphius Elementary Literature Activity Guide

Amazing Grace,

Elementary Literature Activity Guide for Amazing Grace

Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and crabcakes later),

Aunt Flossie's Hat's Elementary Literature Activity Guide

and Beethovan Lives Upstairs.

Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Regardless of reading ability, activity guides help a student begin to understand what is being read. They are adaptable to your situation: to be done as a read-aloud, individually, or in small groups. Whatever the need, whatever the level, students need ways to improve their skills, these guides provide those ways.

Your homeschoolers will be excited to learn with the fun activities in 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides. Download an assortment today.


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How to Choose the Best Literature Activity Guide for Your Elementary Child


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