How to Manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a High Schooler

How to manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a high schooler.

How to Manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a High Schooler. Tips, schedules and resources for homeschooling during pandemic.

How to Manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a High Schooler

Most of our local public and private schools have closed for a couple of weeks. We have had some requests on how to make *temporary homeschooling* work.

We hear parents being concerned that their teens will be:

  • Gaming for two weeks
  • YouTube bingeing for two weeks
  • Getting seriously behind on their studies

While gaming and YouTube are part of adolescent life these days, it is not optimal for the school year. So here are some ideas to help you manage the time you will be temporarily homeschooling.

In this post we will discuss:

  • How do I find curriculum for high schoolers? (check out this post for k-8)
  • Educational resources to enrich these weeks at home
  • A Suggested Schedule
  • Dealing with Anxiety Related to the Virus

How do I find curriculum?

Many schools have been sending home packets of work for high schoolers to finish so they do not fall far behind. Some schools are even doing some work daily online.

The families we have heard from have found that these material simply are not enough to keep their adolescents engaged and off social media. They would like to use this period of temporary homeschooling to:

  • Have some time to build expertise in a favorite subject
  • Fill in some educational gaps
  • Experience some richness in learning that normal schooling does not have time for
  • Let’s look at all three:

    • Have some time to build expertise in a favorite subject

If you ask an adolescent, they would probably say that the goal of having two weeks off school should be to have some fun and relaxation. Parents, on the other hand, do not want to totally waste these couple of weeks.

Here are some resources for building expertise in a favorite subject:

tall tale

financial literacy

    • Experience some richness in learning that normal schooling does not have time for

Busy schools with limited time and resources often must short some of the enrichment that comes from exposing children to the arts. During this coronavirus crisis, many organizations are making the arts available to your family for free!

Captain Hook Literature Guide

What about subjects that I don’t feel qualified to teach?

Sometimes a good curriculum is sometimes all that is needed. Some can be used by the student with little or no input from the parent. Online instruction is available in most subjects, try checking YouTube for videos on just about everything.

Check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast for a helpful discussion on teaching what you don’t know.

  • How should I schedule my day?

While each homeschool is unique, a teen being pulled from school is often more successful beginning with a fairly set schedule. It is easier to begin with a more rigid schedule, then becoming more flexible as you and your student adjust to the new routine.

School Day Schedule for High School.

  • How long should it take each day?

This will depend on factors such as your student’s grade level and motivation. A high school student may take several hours.

Dealing with Anxiety about Coronavirus

Adolescents might experience anxiety about the coronavirus and not know what to do about it. When helping young people deal with this anxiety, you can help in these ways:

  • Give accurate, age-appropriate information
  • Create and keep a gentle schedule
  • Create special moments
  • Practice and teach mindfulness to your teens

Let’s look at all of these:


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How to Manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a High Schooler

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