How to Use 7Sisters Essay Writing Guides in Homeschool Co-op

Here is how to use 7Sisters’ Essay Writing Guides in homeschool co-op.

How to teach essay writing in homeschool co-op

How to Use 7Sisters’ Essay Writing Guides in Homeschool Co-op

7Sister Marilyn wrote our essay curricula and has been teaching it in homeschool co-ops and group classes for years. Her classes have been popular with her students because they gain practical writing skills plus the confidence that they can write. (As you may have noticed, teens often are critical about their ability to communicate in writing. Learning practical skills- especially essay writing skills- can help build their confidence.)

First, remember that essay writing is an important part of the four English/Language Arts credits that teens need for their homeschool transcripts.

While there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school (or earn ELA credits), we recommend the following components for each ELA credit:

  • Literature: a variety of genres and topics over the four years
    • While the reading material may be largely on one topic (British Literature, American Literature, World Literature, or other specific topics) or a mixture of topics, there should be several genres each year
  • Writing: a variety of types of writing each year. Many students do best with (and colleges like to see) a mix such as:
    • Essays
    • Research papers
    • Short stories
    • Poetry
  • Vocabulary each year
  • Grammar/Editing each year
  • Public Speaking: at least one experience each year appropriate to the teen’s ability and circumstances

Here are her tips for teaching essay writing in homeschool co-op:

Middle School Essay Writing
Click image for full description.

Are your using 7 Sisters essay curriculum in your homeschool co-op or umbrella/hybrid  school? Here are some ideas to get the most from your experience:

  • First, choose the curriculum that best fits the students:

    • Of course, we are partial to 7Sisters Essay Writing Guides. These are no-busywork, step-by-step guides that have helped all our teens learn writing, thinking and communication skills.
    • Middle School Guide to Essay Writing

BTW- All 7Sisters essay writing guides include writing prompts, but here are some more prompts that might be relevant to your teens.

Download an essay guide today! For more on how to teach homeschool co-op classes, check this post.

Teaching essay writing in your homeschool co-op or group classes can be inspiring and confidence-building for your teens. Contact us about co-op discounts and get your teens started writing for success!

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How to Use 7Sisters’ Essay Writing Guides in Homeschool Co-op

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