How to Use Human Development as a Fun High School Credit

Here’s how to use Human Development as a fun high school credit.
How to Use Human Development as a Fun High School Credit

How to Use Human Development as a Fun High School Credit

Join us for a “review and how-to-use” post by Stacey Lane Clendaniel of Layered Soul. She used our Human Development text last year with her high schoolers.  Here are some tips on the way she developed the course for her kids:

How to Use Human Development as a Fun Health Course by Stacey Lane
Stacey Lane Clendaniel 

Have you heard the term…”The World is My Classroom?”  Maybe you have wanted to incorporate more real-life experiences into your school?

Human Development from a Christian World View by Vicki Tillman is a course that naturally lends itself to the world being the classroom.

Reading through the table of contents helped me to start brainstorming ideas to provide hands-on experiences.

Before we started the book I had my daughter take a Safe Sitters class. Our local hospital provides classes to teens who are looking to start babysitting.

Since the first four chapters cover “Prenatal Life to the Preschool Years” I looked for an opportunity for my daughter to be a mother’s helper. A close friend was due to have her third child the end of September and her oldest was 3½. She was able to read the chapters the day before and then answer the questions after spending the morning with the girls.

Our local Young Life started a group, Capernaum. This group provides respite care for parents of special needs children. Once a month teens are paired with a buddy and spend the afternoon playing. This group has allowed my daughter to form relationships with children she may not have had the chance to. It really helped her to understand Chapter 5 “The Elementary Years”, especially looking at the education of those with special needs.

Of course Chapter 6 “Adolescence” and Chapter 7 “Young Adulthood” were easily addressed by her personal real life experiences, which I won’t give too much detail about. One must be very sensitive to blog about this age group. I did have her read the books; Boy Meets Girl, Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris and Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.

Chapter 7 “Senior Adulthood” spurred on a variety of ideas. We were able to support my Mom’s church monthly bingo at the local nursing home. Our mime group, Louder Than Words, performed a few different times for local assisted living and nursing homes. Just being at the locations helped to give a clear picture of how life can look different for the aging population.

Overall this one was of our favorite classes this year. I do believe having the different activities really helped to bring alive the material discussed in each chapter.

Take a look at Human Development from a Christian Worldview.

Human Development

Then hop over to Vicki Tillman’s Pinterest Human Development board for more ideas.


Here is Stacey’s kids’ Mime Team:

How to Use Human Development as a Fun High School Credit


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