HSHSP Ep 151: Different Approaches to Literature in High School

This week on HSHSP Ep 151: Different Approaches to Literature in High School. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network,

HSHSP Ep 151: Different Approaches to Teaching Literature in Homeschool High School. There's not ONE right way to homeschool...or to teach Literature.

HSHSP Ep 151: Different Approaches to Literature in High School

Is there ONE right way to homeschool high school Literature? Of course not! Sabrina and Vicki want to encourage you to have fun with right way for your homeschool high schoolers!

If your teens LOVE reading, you’ll approach Literature with them in a different way from for your teens that HATE reading. Each homeschool high schooler has their own abilities and interests. Not only that, moms have their own interests and abilities (some of us LOVE reading, some don’t like to read anything more than Facebook)!

Here are some approaches to teaching Literature. Hopefully one of the approaches will help you out.

Traditional textbooks.

Covers themes and analysis skills with snippets of novels, short stories and poetry. It is a skills approach, not a literature appreciation or in-depth approach. Textbooks are sometimes a good fit for more literal learners because the reading selections are more short and the instructions are more concrete. However, teens who like to delve into a book will hate this approach (because it tends to kill the book). Teens who don’t like tons of reading comprehension questions or being told the *right way* to interpret a book, this is not a best-fit approach.

Whole books approach for linear thinkers.

This approach is good for literal thinkers or struggling learners. Will BORE a deep-thinking teen. Here’s an HSHSP episode on teaching literature to literal thinkers.

Comprehensive whole-books approach.

This is an in-depth, in-depth comprehension and inferential thinking literature study guide approach. You’ll find these great for teens who like to tear a book to pieces (perhaps future English teachers). However, these HUGE literature guides kill the book for many teens.

The right literature studies can help your teens learn to be thinkers, not parrots.

7Sisters approach.

Our teens tell us that they don’t like to kill the book. They want one or two themes covered per book and mostly inferential questions. The literature study guide should be no-overkill, no-busywork. The guide should also provide suggestions for *leveling-up* if they want more rigor for their homeschool transcript or personal growth. We are hoping to develop our teens’ thinking skills with these guides because we want our teens to become thinkers, not parrots!

And remember: you want your teens, where it comes to literature, to inspired, not tired!

Join Sabrina and Vicki for a fun chat about the RIGHT approach to high school literature. Want more information on choosing the right approach to teaching literature in your homeschool? Check out this post.


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HSHSP Ep 151: Different Approaches to Literature in High School

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