HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes

This week on HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes. Homeschool high schoolers often take co-op, group or dual-enrollment courses. Here are tips for success.

HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes

Sabrina, Vicki and Kym love our homeschool co-ops and group classes. They have been an important part of all their homeschool high schoolers’ education. However, it can be a big adjustment for young folks who haven’t had the opportunity until high school.

While there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school, it’s not unusual to start joining group-learning situations at that age. Here are some ways for helping your homeschool high schoolers adjust to group classes.

Co-op and Group classes:

Share expectations and rules openly and beforehand. (Try not to rely simply on unwritten rules, but try not to have too many rules.) You’ll love this episode to help explain our group classes’ GOOF way to handle this.

Deal well with Mean Moms who don’t know the rules. You’ll like this interview with Melanie Wilson for an explanation of *relationship before rules*.

Here are our tips for walking into group classes for the first time (good for introverts):

  • Enter a room with shoulders back, chin up and a Mona Lisa smile. (These are welcoming nonverbals that tell others it’s okay to talk to you. Download this freebie from Vicki Tillman Coaching for more tips.)
  • Scan the room. Give yourself a minute to calmly choose a chair that looks comfortable for you.
    • Remember, if chairs are in rows, the first 2 rows or a seat down the middle of the room are usually best for academic success. (Called the *T zone*.)

Here are our tips for being in a group discussion class (like Literature class or World Language classes):

  • Teachers: Try poker chips. Everyone is given 3 chips at the beginning of the discussion. Students contribute a chip to the pot whenever they contribute to the discussion. This gives quieter kids the *right* to talk and talkier kids the *right* to take turns.
  • Teachers: Scan the room and invite quieter kids into the conversation. (If you watch nonverbals, you’ll learn when they have something they’d like to say.)
  • Students and Teachers: Try to discover how you *engage* (what kind of learner are you?). For example:
    • Sabrina does better in meetings or trainings if she is taking notes (that’s why she often volunteers as secretary for meetings if 7Sister Allison isn’t there).
    • Kym takes air notes (think air guitar for note taking).
    • Vicki scribbles on her paper to help her focus.
    • How do your students pay attention?

Students: Understand the difference between a lecture and the teacher explaining something to you:

  • If the teacher is in the middle of a lesson/lecture. DON’T interrupt.
    • Jot questions down and ask later.
  • If a teacher is informally chatting.
    • Go ahead and raise your hand to ask question.
  • Don’t publicly challenge your teacher unless you know they like that. (It’s a good way to get on a teacher’s bad side, and besides, it is rude.)
    • Use office hours or email for challenge.

If a student is taking a dual-enrollment college class:

  • Act like a college student.
    • Make us of office hours.
    • Participate in class.
    • Do your work well.
    • Sit in T zone. As Kym says: *Front Row Geeks*.
    • Be the last student out of the classroom.
      • Never close your notebooks while the teacher is still talking.

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a delightful, information-packed discussion. You’ll also love these posts. BTW- You can listen to 7Sisters blog posts on Alexa. Here’s how.

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HSHSP Ep 153: Helping Homeschool High Schoolers Adjust to Group Classes

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