5 Reasons Why You Need Human Development on the Homeschool Transcript


Your teen needs Human Development on the homeschool transcript. Here’s why:

Human Development on the Homeschool Transcript

Human Development on the Homeschool Transcript

“My homeschool high schoolers need Human Development on their transcript!”

That’s what I said to myself years ago when my oldest kids hit the teen years. I work as a counselor and a lot of my training was in Human Development. Despite all the parenting books I read and read when I started the parenting journey, none were as helpful as my college Human Development courses. Human Development on the Homeschool Transcript

For my kids’ homeschool high school Health credit, I wanted them to have Human Development as true life preparation. I couldn’t find a high school text written from a Christian worldview, so I created one for them. That was the birth of 7Sisters’ Human Development from a Christian Worldview.

Human Development was one of my homeschool high schoolers’ favorite courses. Even my adult kids still talk about object permanence in infants, “making interesting sights last”, and metacognition. They understand the people around them much better!

Why does your teen need Human Development for the homeschool transcript?

The same reasons my homeschool high schoolers need it.

Here are my top 5 reasons:

1) Human Development prepares teens for life

It covers the ways people grow and change from womb to old age. It explains why babies work hard to make you laugh, 2 year-olds say “no”, why your grandparents tell you the same stories over and over. This helps teens in their sibling relationships, babysitting, future marriage and parenting, AND taking care of YOU when you’re old!

2) Human Development gives the homeschool transcript *sparkle*

Human Development on the homeschool transcript is attractive to college admissions officers because it is an out-of-the-box course. NOT just a ho-hum health course, it shows the ability to be creative- even with academics.

3) Human Development is FUN!

Human Development

Why not have some academic courses that are just plain FUN? Human Development on the homeschool transcript is *sparkle*, but it is also just plain fun. 7Sisters Human Development has suggested activities and discussion that really help teens understand their relatives and friends.

4) 7Sisters Human Development is written from a Christian perspective

Discussion questions in the text help homeschool high schoolers wrestle with important cultural problems from a Christian perspective. How should we treat peers who have disabilities? How does God view the elderly? Is the child in a womb a person or thing?

5) 7Sisters Human Development is a self-directed study, great for individual learning AND it is also DELIGHTFUL for co-ops and group classes

Human Development from a Christian WorldviewIndependent learners can choose the level they want to earn in the course (average high school, college prep, advanced, honors). Rather than simply boring extra text-work, college prep and up earn levels with interesting and inspiring activities and readings.

This adaptability makes Human Development great for the homeschool transcript but also for a co-op or group class setting. Each teen in the group can work on his/her level and still enjoy class discussion and activities.

My kids recommend Human Development. Download it today!

Human Development on the Homeschool Transcript

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