Inspiring Christmas Projects for Homeschool High School

Need to keep some useful academics going through the holidays? Here are some inspiring Christmas projects for homeschool high school.

Inspiring Christmas Projects for Homeschool High School

Inspiring Christmas Projects for Homeschool High School

It’s hard to balance the need to have some Christmas cheer and handle holiday preparations while getting those pesky academics done, also. Finding this balance can be especially irritating with teens, who have definite opinions on whether you are wasting their time on boring assignments when they would rather be doing something meaningful.

One thing we 7Sisters have found over the years, is that it is often good to set aside traditional textbook assignments for a week or so in December. Do you have the same feeling?

Well, then here are some inspiring Christmas projects for you homeschool high schoolers from 7Sisters and our friends:

Many of us homeschool through the holidays. Some homeschoolers take a break from the serious academics and do fun and inspiring projects. Here are two favorites.

Fun, inspiring writing project: Holiday Family Short Story

Holiday Family Narrative Short Story Writing Guide
Click image for full description.

7Sisters’ Guide to Short Story Writing: Holiday Family Narrative is SUCH fun! We all like to swap fun stories about the family when we get together at Christmas. For instance, do you remember:

  • the time grandma dropped the Christmas turkey and the dog ate it?
  • when they tried a new pumpkin pie recipe and the silly thing exploded in the oven?
  • or when the youngest sibling was born on Christmas Eve?

Recalling family stories is a favorite past-time at family gatherings. Often they are retold year after year (and often embellished as time goes on)!

Capitalize on one of these favorite stories with a delightful (and easy) writing project.

7Sisters’ user-friendly, no-busywork e-workbook gives your homeschool high schooler a step-by-step guide to transforming their favorite family event into a heartwarming or hilarious short story. Lessons are broken down into bite-sized daily assignments that do not bore homeschool high schoolers or waste their time.

This is a one-week writing project so it is easy to fit into a busy holiday season.

Sentimental Creative Writing Project: Creative Chronicling

7Sisters Creative Chronicling Writing Guide gives homeschool high schoolers a chance to blend creativity or artsiness and writing into a beautiful writing project.

Creative Chronicling A Truly Memorable Senior Year Writing Project
Click image for full description.

Creative Chronicling helps teens capture memories with a meaningful short-story writing project that includes photography and photo editing, formatting, and creative presentation that results in a true keepsake book.

This is a larger project than the Holiday Family Narrative mentioned above. It includes:

Guidance how to plan a project and then walks teens through a multi-step process:

  • decide on a purpose for the chronicle
  • select the number of stories to include
  • choose whether or not to work collaboratively with other writers
  • develop a timeline to ensure that deadlines are met
  • delegate duties if working with a group
  • plan a visual look for the finished book
  • edit photos, graphics and text for a professional appearance
  • and designate a printing and binding style for powerful presentation

This is a marvelous holiday project for teens who are confident in their writing or have an adult at hand to guide them if they need encouragement.

Create a family pedigree with this science project from our friend, Kristin Moon

This is a fun science project and fits well with writing a family narrative! Create what we counselors call a genogram, log some science hours and have lots of good discussion. This is a freebie blog post, btw. (Also, we are not affiliates, we just like Kristin’s resources!)

Cover Writing, Science, History, Art and More: Twas the Week Before Christmas Bundle

7Sisters pulled together a week’s worth of delightful and inspiring activities that we have loved (not just for teens but the all the siblings) in the Twas the Week Before Christmas Bundle.

Twas the week before Christmas homeschool curriculum bundle
Click image for full description.

This bundle of downloadable curriculum, links and activities includes:



Encouragement for MOM as the calendar year draws to a close!

  • Christmas with 7Sisters: Real Christmas for Real People (including personal stories from your “big sisters” and tips for handling the holidays when things are harder than usual…after the death of a loved one, when finances are especially tight, when your family is broken or blended, etc.)
  • Making Great Use of Holiday Family Gatherings in Your Homeschool (a 3-page article to help you blend learning and celebration)
  • A collection of favorite Christmas recipes from each of us at 7Sisters
  • A Prayer Journal to encourage you to spend the time you NEED with God as a new year is about to begin

Download some inspiring activities for your homeschool high schoolers for meaningful education during the holidays. While your teens are busy, you can check out our Creative Christmas episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

Need more ideas for homeschooling during the holidays? We have them! Check out all the resources and ideas in this post on homeschooling through the holidays.

Have a lovely Christmas season!

Sometimes our expectations of Christmas are unrealistic. Read more about:

Read about making the most of homeschool high school.

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Inspiring Christmas Projects for Homeschool High School

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