Interesting Ideas for Integrated Learning in Homeschool High School

By request: Interesting ideas for integrated learning in homeschool high school.

Interesting Ideas for Integrated Learning in Homeschool High School

Interesting Ideas for Integrated Learning in Homeschool High School

Don’t get intimidated by the fancy sounding name! Integrated learning is something you have probably already been doing so in this post we will give you some fun ideas for your teens and/or homeschool co-op!

What is integrated learning?

Let’s start with an example. When you go to work or plan co-op or a church event, you probably do not do just one thing. You function through a number of tasks, for instance: driving, tracking mileage, cooking a meal, managing your schedule, working on a team, leading and brainstorming, cleaning and organizing. As you can see, working and serving require doing multiple different kinds of tasks.

American Literature: a Full-Year High School Course
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Education can be so much more interesting when we allow our homeschool high schoolers to see the connections between subjects. Homeschooling families can do this by combining or coordinating subjects. Simply put, integrated learning is a version of what many of us have been doing all along.

How does integrated learning work?

There are two basic ways to do some integrated learning with your homeschool high schoolers:

Simply combine subjects, for instance:

  • American History, American Literature and American Poetry, Writing on American Historical and Literary Themes, American arts and music.
    • An important part of this kind of integrated learning is to use syllabi to keep things coordinated

Another way is to choose a topic and include learning from History, English/Language Arts, Science and the Fine Arts.

In either kind of integrated learning format, there are usually three components:

  • Integration of subjects (as explained above and in the ideas below)

    American Poetry Reading and Writing
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  • Collaboration (this kind of experience teaches soft skills that are necessary to success in life)
    • This makes integrated learning perfect for collaboration with:
      • Group writing assignments
      • Group projects
      • Group research
  • Projects and presentations:
    • Writing projects (research papers, essays, short stories, poetry)
    • Hands-on learning with
      • poster presentations
      • video presentations
      • arts and craft presentations
    • Problem-based learning
      • This is a teaching format used in some college classes
      • A problem is introduced
        • Students then research the history of the problem and develop logical solutions
        • Students present their findings and solutions

Steps for an integrated learning experience

  • Step 1: Collaborate with your homeschool high schoolers to choose topics and resources
  • Step 2: Develop a general syllabus to help teens coordinate efforts and manage time
    • Keep logs on time spent and what was done, as well as book lists
  • Step 3: Develop a rubric to guide teens on projects
  • Step 4: Collaborate with your homeschool high schoolers to choose a question to guide their research or projects (unless they are simply combining subjects)
  • Step 5: Read, research, write, create projects
  • Step 6: Present results (or final project or paper if simply combining subjects)

how makes learning fun, insightful and meaningful.

  • Step 7: Reflect together on what was learned
  • Step 8: Break out subjects onto the homeschool transcript
    • Often the book lists will count both as Literature (ELA) and History, both
    • Often papers will count as Writing (ELA) and History, both
    • Often projects will count as History and sometimes, Fine Arts, both

What are some interesting ideas for integrated learning?

Resource ideas for Integrated Learning

What do you think? Ready to give these ideas for integrated learning in your homeschool high school? Download some 7Sisters curriculum to help and inspire. Also, check out this episode with Sabrina (sharing the things she has learned about homeschooling high school): If I Could Talk to My Younger Self.

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Interesting Ideas for Integrated Learning in Homeschool High School

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  1. I love this concept! It helps the parents and it helps the teens. It shows them how life is – all together and learning constantly. Great information and guidance here.

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