Interview: Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Interview: Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides are making a splash! These delightful guides aren’t traditional literature study guides with a bunch of boring questions. Instead, these are ACTIVITY guides that inspire your elementary-aged homeschooler to love learning to read (and develop some good character traits along the way).

Activity Guide You Are Special
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Each activity guide includes:

Story Elements: Children identify elements common to all fictional stories.

Phonics / Grammar: Students practice a skill with a sorting activity using words from the story itself (plus a few others thrown in, for good measure).

Vocabulary: Young readers learn new words using the “Roll’em & Read’em” activity sheet.

Comprehension: Children develop their skills using an activity sheet based on the book.

Research: Students are encouraged to further study topics related to the story.

Join us for an interview with 7Sister, Allison’s husband: Wayne Thorp.  Wayne is the creator of our Elementary Literature Activity Guides.

Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides
Wayne Thorp, a 7th Brother 🙂

Tell about what inspired you to create these guides?

I’ve spent an entire career (32 years so far) teaching children to read. I made many mistakes along the way and held many misconceptions which took too many years to lose. Why not share what I’ve learned and what I know with others? Read more about these guides – and fun grammar curriculum, too.

What is it like being a teacher and a homeschool dad?

Most dads can leave their work at work. I came home and I was still teaching! I was a great advisor to my wife through the elementary years, then was of little use — except to be Pop the Principal! There were two occasions when I took over the writing since the child at the time and Mom the Teacher were not able to agree. I was also there to assure my wife that not all children learn to read at the same time: personalities differ, learning rates differ as well.
Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy
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Tell about your teaching career.

I started teaching at a private Christian school. Then I made the jump to the public school where I spent 28 years working in the same building (highly unusual) and 19 of those years in the same room teaching the same grade (also very unusual). The school was always low achieving and is now a Title One school where 90%+ students are from low income families. I enjoy the challenge and I know that the students need me. I had the opportunity to apply to other, newer, higher achieving schools — but I knew that those students could practically teach themselves and I would be more a guide than a teacher.

What is most inspiring about teaching elementary ages about reading?

Watching a child grow. Seeing progress as the year goes along and getting the satisfaction that comes with know that I had a hand in it!

What are some words of advice or tips for success in using these guides to help young readers?

 Be familiar with the literature. Don’t just do all the activities and leave it: be able to ask probing questions, the open-ended kind, with even the simplest of books. Questions like:

“Why do you think this character did this?”

Use the research component as a jumping board to allowing the young reader to explore what he or she finds interesting. Don’t expect a young reader (or even an old one like me) to remember everything about the plot. All the standardized testing allows the test taker to review the material, allow your reader to do the same.

What are the Elementary Literature Activity Guides in this series?

Literature Activity Guides released this week include:

  • You Are Special
  • Curious George
  • Corduroy
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • A New Coat for Anna
  • The Whales’ Song
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Literature Activity Guides coming soon:

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Wayne Thorp Creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides


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