Try it! 7Sisters High School Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle

Homeschool parents want to do an excellent job preparing their teens for life after graduation.

Many of you have asked us for help in doing that, particularly when it comes to a solid, comprehensive Career Exploration plan.

We listened!

Career Exploration Bundle Comprehensive but not intimidating curriculum and activities for high school Career Exploration. #HomeschoolHighSchool #CareerExploration

High School Career

Exploration Curriculum Bundle

Introducing a 10-component curriculum bundle in our ebookstore, available for immediate download for $13.45 

Here’s what’s causing all the excitement:

Career Exploration might just be the most important element of your teen’s high school experience.

Instead of graduating from high school with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh of, “Well, I guess I need to figure out what I want to do with my life now…” your teen should be intentionally exploring areas of interest, strength and talent. He or she should be seeking God, seeking wise counsel from trusted people, and trying out different types of job fields.

High school is the perfect time to go exploring! You need a comprehensive high school career exploration curriculum.

The High School Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle from 7Sisters includes TEN components for success:

Purchased individually, these resources would be a bargain.

(Actually, several of these are available for FREE download…you’ll have to click on the links to EXPLORE and learn more!)

Buy the BUNDLE and get a 10% discount —

pay just $13.45 for a comprehensive high school career exploration curriculum!

All 10 .pdf files download immediately in a zip (compressed) file that can easily be opened using any operating system on your device.


High School Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle




Sabrina Justison

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6 Replies to “Try it! 7Sisters High School Career Exploration Curriculum Bundle”

  1. How many high school credits should this count? 0.5? 1.0? How many hours typically does this take to complete, and at what rate of speed and order should these be taken in? Thank you so very much for any additional information you can give!

  2. When I pull the high school career exploration in my shopping cart it is for $13.45 and not the $9.95 posted on your website… Is there a coupon code?

    • Hi Koleen,

      When we originally introduced the Career Exploration Bundle it was priced at $9.85. We often have introductory pricing on new curriculum products. I’m sorry if this was confusing. The regular price is $13.45, a 10% savings on the price of each item purchased separately. There is not currently (Nov. 2015) a coupon associated with this bundle, but if you sign up for our newsletter (the link to subscribe is on our homepage if you scroll down) you will get coupon codes from time to time in your inbox that can be applied to curriculum in our store. Please contact us at if you need further help signing up. Thanks for stopping by!

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