Introducing Framework of Physical Fitness

Introducing Framework of Physical Fitness, 7Sisters’ follow-up to Foundations of Physical Fitness.

Introducing Foundations of Physical Fitness

Introducing Foundations of Physical Fitness

We have had so many requests from parents of homeschool high schoolers who completed for a follow-up Phys Ed curriculum! Teens have loved Foundations of Physical FitnessThey have been asking for more meaningful fitness material. Therefore, Joel Paul Simeon Hayes, did it again!

Framework of Physical Fitness builds on the knowledge that students gained from Foundations of Physical Fitness. Teens earn another Phys Ed credit while they learn practical life skills for fitness.

We all know that Fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle. That is why so many states require both Phys Ed and Health for high school graduation. As a counselor and homeschool parent, myself, I have learned that moving the human body helps teens learn better. That’s because movement helps create the neurotransmitter “dopamine”. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that help increase focus. (And we all know our teens need to focus when they study!

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The curriculum follows the same READ, WATCH, DO approach that teens like

Where it comes to Phys Ed, teens need to know Why and How!

  • READ the text, answer the questions, take the tests
    • A syllabus is included to help teens stay on track
    • Teens learn the “Whys” of Phys Ed and Fitness by reading and learning the text
    • Tests give teens feedback on their understanding PLUS grades for parents working on transcripts
  • WATCH the videos (both the videos that supplement the text AND the fitness videos)
    • Teens learn the “Hows” of Phys Ed and Fitness as they watch the videos
  • DO the exercise routines – physical fitness must be practiced
    • PLUS Also they can fill out the included fitness log to help determine how much Phys Ed credit your teen has earned for their transcript.

About the author

Joel Hayes is a certified fitness instructor who has worked with hundreds of clients since 2014. He participates in endurance sports including Obstacle Course Racing and trail races up to the Ultra distance (longer than a marathon). Because of his experiences, he is passionate about sharing physical fitness with the next generation!

Note: While this course is intended to be a follow-up to 7Sisters’ first Phys Ed curriculum: Foundations of Physical Fitness, Framework of Physical Fitness can be studied independently.

Framework of Physical Fitness includes texts, tests and videos

The variety of learning is a major benefit to this course!

Topics covered in Framework of Physical Fitness text include:

  • Nutrition
  • Bursting the Nutrition Bubble
  • Getting Started with Nutrition
  • Setting Goals in Fitness
  • Training Volume
  • Hybrid Fitness Training
  • Use It or Lose It
  • What You Actually Need for Fitness

The fitness videos include two fitness programs:

  • One is focused on endurance training and
  • The other is hybrid (endurance and strength) training

How it works:

There are two files included when you purchase this curriculum:

  • The first file (for the student) contains the text, the fitness programs with video links, and a syllabus and workout log.
  • Then, the second file (for the parent) contains the tests and answer keys.

Click here to view an excerpt from Framework of Physical Fitness.

Don’t forget: There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school…or to earn Phys Ed credits. This curriculum is just one of those ways. Do what is best for your teens, but if you are not sure, take a look at Foundations of Physical Fitness and follow up with this curriculum. Teens tell us they have REALLY appreciated the course.

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Inspire your teens! Download Framework of Physical Fitness and get your teens moving for health! (And don’t forget to have your teens use those log sheets for their workout times!)

Framework of Physical Fitness

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