Introduction to Psychology Course Description

By request: Introduction to Psychology Course Description. For teens using 7Sisters Intro Psych course and need a description for record keeping.

Introduction to Psychology Course Description

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective is one of 7Sisters’ most popular courses. It is a lighthearted course that helps teens “like Psych“. However, it still gives them the important basics to help build their educational experience and life skills. The texts helps:

  • Build self awareness through understanding how teens’ minds and bodies work
  • Understand the story of Psychology from ancient times till now
  • Obtain a grasp of the basics of mental health (teens also develop this theme more in 7Sisters Health text)
  • How to help a friend during hard times

With Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective, homeschool high schoolers can:

We created the first edition of Intro Psych decades ago when my eldest son was in high school. I supported my homeschooling habits by working as a licensed professional counselor. Thus, I wanted my teens to understand the field I work in. (Not only that, but I was hoping maybe one or two of them would feel called into the field.) However, there was no Christian high school text and no text that didn’t kill the subject by over-teaching, so I wrote our own.

Since that time, Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective has been updated several times. (We even added a version of the text for families in states that reimburse for curriculum purchases.)

Now, homeschooling parents have been asking for a course description for their records (and for getting out information to co-ops, when this is taught in a group setting)

So, here it is!

First, here are three teaching aids for Introduction to Psychology:

We received requests for a course description for Introduction to Psychology. Here is one that you may adjust to your needs.

Course Description for Introduction to Psychology

Text used for course:

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective from 7SistersHomeschool

Course Goals:

  • At the completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the topics of Psychology by covering an average high school scope and sequence. Also, students will learn some basics of ways to help a friend during difficult times.

Course Objectives:

  • Student will use syllabus and textbook to fulfill their Psychology studies. (Teens who are taking the asynchronous course, will add this information here.)
  • Student will engage reading and interacting with the text, homework, tests and optional additional meaningful activities.

Topics covered:

    • The Brain and How it Works
    • Perception
    • Genetics
    • Learning
    • History of Psychology (Ancient to Pre-modern Times )
    • History of Psychology into Modern Times
    • Communication
    • Needs and Motivation
    • Looking at Personality & Theory
    • Sleep & Dreams
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Psychological Testing
    • Christian Counseling
    • Understanding Research & Statistics
    • Careers in Psychology

Methods used for instruction:

  • Downloadable PDF text, optional extra reading and activities
  • Online course (optional)

How the course will be graded:

Introduction to Psychology is graded at the discretion of the teacher. You can choose a pass/fail grading system or assign grades. For those assigning grades, you can adapt our grading:

  • 50% of grade from completed workbooks
  • 25% of grade from homework/assignments
  • 25% of grade from attitude (willingness to try new things)

Amount of credit earned:

Introduction to Psychology can be considered:

  • A Social Science (Social Studies) .5 credit. (Additional meaningful assignments suggested in the text for students who want to earn a full credit or level-up to a more rigorous credit)
  • Or a Social Science elective .5 credit earned varies by student and teacher goals. (Additional meaningful assignments suggested in the text for students who want to earn a full credit or level-up to a more rigorous credit)

Include the syllabus for the course if your teen will be using a syllabus


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6 Replies to “Introduction to Psychology Course Description”

    • Good question, Jennifer. Our purpose in the course is to help teens like Psych. For those who are interested there are meaningful activities to explore their interests and level up to Honors for their transcripts. We found that in order to teach to the CLEP test, it would take the fun out of the text. For teens who want to CLEP, we recommend getting a CLEP prep workbook to go along with the text. (We recommend that with any course they want to CLEP since the CLEP tests sometimes use different vocabularies and ideas than an average text.)

    • Sure, You will simply need to combine a several of the shorter chapters such as combining Chapters 14 and 15 and/or Chapters 16 and 17. Some teachers combine the two history of Psychology chapters.

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