My Kid’s Not Einstein! Homeschooling an Average Middle Schooler

Homeschooling an average middle schooler can be stressful for parents who have been brainwashed to think that you MUST produce the next Einstein or else you have failed!

Homeschooling an Average Middle Schooler

Homeschooling an Average Middle Schooler

Here’s the truth: Your average middle schooler is ABOVE AVERAGE in God’s eyes. Your child was created perfectly by Him.

Actually, there are very few Einsteins. MOST people are average (kind of the definition of the word). God doesn’t need 1.7 million Einsteins out our 2.2 million homeschool students. (Dr. Brian Ray at the National Homeschool Researcher has some great data in a free PDF on homeschooling.)

Rather, God wants millions of:

  • Homemakers
  • HVAC servicers
  • Military personnel
  • Missionaries
  • Plumbers
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Next generation homeschooling parents

When you’re homeschooling an average middle schooler, you are training him/her for the real life mission field of life right where we are.

Homeschooling an Average Middle Schooler

Remember, your average homeschooler is ABOVE AVERAGE in God’s eyes.

So, don’t be stressed about your kid’s IQ! The goals of homeschooling an average middle schooler should look like this:

1. Christ in them, the hope of glory

  • Read Scripture
  • Model faith
  • Pray together

2. Character Development 

  • Serving
  • Social Skills
  • Responsibilities
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Physical Awareness & Self-care
  • Managing Money & Resources
  • Appreciate God’s Creation and Other Beautiful Things
  • Not addicted to online or electronic gaming

3. Develop Academic Competence

  • Find areas of strength and develop them with experiential learning such as projects, field trips, real books, and no-busywork curriculum
  • Compensate in weaker areas. Don’t try to make your child something he’s not. Work with curriculum that won’t waste useless hours on something that is way to difficult.
  • Do lots of discovery learning in order to reveal new strengths and interests (NEW trips, co-ops, online classes, ideas, crafts, etc).

7 Sisters’ Middle School Essay Writing was kid tested to help either average or inspired

Middle School Essay Writing

homeschoolers to gain confidence and competence in essay writing. If you’re homeschooling an average middle schooler, this is a solid place to develop your writing curriculum.

This  10 week downloadable text guides through:

  • Basic essay format
  • Persuasive essays
  • Literary analysis
  • Compare/contrast essays
  • Editorials/letters to the editor
  • Tips for taking a short-answer essay test)
  • AND includes rubrics for scoring

Here’s Sabrina’s talk on character-building curriculum


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Blogger, curriculum developer at, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

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  1. I love this. So good to see someone else talking about how average is God’s above average! We need many more voices willing to tell this truth!

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