All Kids Are Gifted: Why Ordinary Kids Aren’t Ordinary When You Pay Attention

All Kids Are Gifted- Mommy Jammies Night on UHRN! This post is running concurrently on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

All Kids Are Gifted

Ever wish your kids were more gifted? More intelligent? More athletic? More artistic? How are they going to get high-powered scholarships to college if they aren’t gifted?

Maybe there’s another way to look at giftedness- maybe God is trying to tell you something special about your kids.

Sometimes we homeschooling mommies can feel pressure to make our kids into Harvard-bound, academic superstars. Or maybe we feel pressure to mold our kids into Olympic-medaling athletes. Or maybe we feel pressure to turn our kids into musical virtuosos.

But guess what? Academics, sports and music are not the only gifts! In God’s eyes, ALL kids are gifted because HE made them and he doesn’t waste his efforts.

Maybe your homeschooler’s gifts look like:

  • Kindness
  • Working with their hands
  • Serving
  • Being creative
  • Sweet personality

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All Kid Are Gifted

All Kids Are Gifted- Mommy Jammies Night on UHRN!




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