Literature Guides Are Now Editable!

You have loved the content, and the new format means our literature guides are now editable! Your students can type answers directly into the .pdf file if you want them to — same low price, same great content, with a new feature that works just beautifully for ebook curriculum. Literature Study Guides are Editable! Teens can work right on their computers.

Literature Guides Are Now Editable!

We don’t believe in busywork or overkill, but we DO believe in the value of adding a series of guides in high school to help teens begin their exploration of literature analysis. If this sounds like it may make Language Arts learning in high school overwhelming, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Literature analysis is a necessary skill for high schoolers to develop. Analysis means going deeper, digging below a surface comprehension of the story (what happened when, who did what, who was driving the story, who learned a lesson, etc.) and examining the underlying ideas the author used his story to communicate. For some students, this step into literature analysis happens naturally and easily, but for most teens this is an unfamiliar way of thinking, and a literature guide with the right approach can facilitate that process and keep things interesting and fun.

What makes our literature guides unique?

No busywork.

When a 7Sisters guide asks a comprehension question, it’s not a dumbed-down, kill the student with busywork question. It’s there to draw their attention to an important moment in the story that will HELP them with the analysis to come.

No overkill.

7Sisters literature guides do not attempt to analyze the book within an inch of its life! We choose two or three elements on which to focus for this particular reading of the book, and we leave the other rich elements to be explored some other day. If a teen reads a classic novel and uses a guide that analyzes EVERY rich element possible (symbolism, theme, metaphor, descriptions, character development, style, tone, background, plot structure, mood, dialogue, setting, and so on), it is an overwhelming analysis that robs young people of the pleasure of the story itself. Treating literature analysis as a process that is best practiced bit by bit to build critical thinking skills means students are not overwhelmed by our guides.

Created by real homeschool moms.

If you missed the Facebook Live explaining the use of literature guides for analysis in high school, click the image above and watch the video! All of us at 7Sisters are REAL homeschool moms who homeschooled our own kids for 20+ years (not the same kid for 20+ years, mind you…we had multiple kids!), used our curriculum in co-ops and group classes in our local community, and are now making that curriculum available to you, our “7th sisters”! Our literature guides were not developed in some environment separate from the homeschool trenches; this is real homeschool curriculum that has been tried and refined over years of use with homeschool high school students.

We are excited to offer these guides now in an editable .pdf format so students can type their answers directly into the guide as they work. If you have purchased literature guides from us in the past and would like this new version for use with your younger students, just send an email to! We will be glad to send you the new version at no cost. (Please allow a few days for a response…there will be a lot of email flooding in!)

Help us spread the good news that our literature guides are now editable! Teens need to learn the process of literature analysis, and 7Sisters guides can help them do that successfully.


Literature Guides Are Now Editable!

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