Middle School Essay Writing Help for Your Homeschool

Need some Middle School essay writing help? You are not alone! Essay writing is an essential skill for middle school homeschoolers these days, but my middle schoolers have never risen in the morning and announced, “Hey, Mom, can we write ESSAYS today?”

However, they have all learned to write them and write them well. They have been thankful for the skills they mastered in middle school as they faced high school and college-level writing.

Middle School Essay Writing Help for Your Homeschool

Middle School Essay Writing Help

I have found that middle school homeschoolers need to be able to:

-capture an idea or opinion

-phrase it as a thesis that others can understand

-explain their thesis

-defend their thesis

-give clear and logical examples

-use good grammar and vocabulary skills

Why? Because they will be defending their ideas the rest of their lives! Hey, middle schoolers are presenting verbal essays all the time.

“3 Reasons I Don’t Want to Clean My Room”

“5 Reasons Math is Stupid”

“2 Reasons I Shouldn’t Have to Write This Essay”

If you give your middle school homeschooler some easy, self-directed, geared-for-success, no-busywork ways to write an essay, he/she will gain confidence for communication now. High school is coming, too, and essay-writing is foundational for high school education.

Get started now and it won’t be intimidating then!

For middle school essay writing, my youngest homeschooler used Middle School Guide to Essay Writing by Marilyn Groop. It met my goals of introducing essays user-friendly, no-wasted-time format.

It was presented in a 10-week, 4 days per week, format this downloadable pdf  guide that taught my homeschooler the steps to writing coherent essays. It taught:

-Basic essay format

-Persuasive essays

-Literary analysis

-Compare/contrast essays

-Editorials/letters to the editor

-Tips for taking a short-answer essay test)

The Middle School Essay Writing Guide includes 3 essay rubrics that you can use to grade the essays, as well as an answer key to the short-answer essay test.

Here’s an excerpt from Middle School Guide to Essay Writing.

Middle School Essay Writing

You can do this! Essay writing is good preparation for the writing tweens will do when they hit homeschooling high school years. Need a little encouragement? Check out these episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School and our friend, Latonya Moore’s advice on homeschooling middle schoolers.


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Middle School Essay Writing Help


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