Did We Miss Anything? Plugging the Holes in the Homeschool Transcript

Worried you’ll miss something? Here are some tips for plugging the holes in the homeschool transcript.

Plugging the Holes in the Homeschool Transcript. Did I miss anything on my teens' homeschool transcript? Here's what to include for homeschool graduation. #HomeschoolHighSchool #homeschooltranscript #HomeschoolGraduation #CompetitiveHomeschoolTranscript #7SistersHomeschool

Plugging the Holes in the Homeschool Transcript

Homeschooling high school years are the best years of all! So, don’t fret away the years wondering if your teens have enough on their homeschool transcripts. Here is some wise advice from your 7Sisters for plugging the holes in the homeschool transcript:

Do your research!

This takes some work, but it is better to do a little work now than to stress about the transcript during your homeschool high schooler’s senior year. In my many years as a homeschool coach I have run into a few homeschool moms who feel okay until senior year. Then they seriously fret about the transcript.

Of course, when we look over the transcript, we usually find that everything is okay. However, it would have been better to do some research up front.

If you know what requirements your homeschool high schooler will need for graduation and a solid transcript when you first start out the teen years, you will feel better.

Here are some places you can check for graduation requirements:

  • Check state requirements for graduation. You can check your state Department of Education or local homeschool support group. One of our favorite places to check requirements is Homeschool Legal Defense (we are not affiliates, but we do recommend joining).
  • Then check local college requirements for admission. This is SO important for college bound homeschool high schoolers.
    • Some colleges have a competitive admissions process, so you will want to plan for that from the start so that you are not cramming vital courses into senior year.
      • Also check a few Christian or private colleges for comparison. Admission requirements vary from college to college and are often a bit higher than state graduation requirements. If you have a vague idea of a school your teen may be interested in attending, check out their website.
  • Also, check your local umbrella school or accountability organization for their specific requirements, if you have one. We 7Sisters have all been part of a local umbrella school that was helpful in guiding them to build a transcript tailored to their interests and desired post-graduation life.
  • Compare to the following list that has helped hundreds of homeschoolers earn college admissions over the years.

Help your teens build a transcript that has no holes or forgotten courses

Basic homeschool transcript requirements

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! This is FUN! Here’s some more WISE advice:

Download the texts YOUR TEEN needs to fill the gaps in his or her transcripts.The Homeschool High School Podcast Have fun with homeschooling high school!


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Plugging the Holes in the Homeschool Transcript







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