Narnia for High School Students

Most homeschooling families have read The Chronicles of Narnia to their elementary-aged children, but have you considered Narnia for your high school student?

Here are 4 reasons why your homeschool TEEN should study The Chronicles of Narnia using 7Sisters Literature Study Guides to help them uncover rich ideas with NO busywork.

Narnia for High School

1) Narnia for High School Students introduces them to deep theology.

Lewis wove powerful theological concepts throughout all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia books using symbolism (a concept akin to allegory and explained in our Chronicles of Narnia Study Guides).

  • Obviously Aslan is a symbol of Christ, but the books are riddled with other symbolic pictures.
  • Eustace being “dragoned” and “undragoned”  offers pictures of sin and redemption.
  • Caspian and Edmund’s argument at Deathwater Island serves as a symbol of the blinding power of greed.
  • The witch’s speech in The Silver Chair as she tried to twist truth and lure the children into captivity is a powerful symbol of satan’s lies by which he tries to ensnare us.
  • The list goes on and on…

2) Narnia for High School Students helps teens discover basic philosophy.

Each book has some basic philosophical symbolism. For instance, the underground captivity of Prince Rilian is a symbol of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Teens really benefit from exploring the basics of philosophy; this post explains 3 Reasons Why High Schoolers Should Study Philosophy.)

3) Narnia for High School Students enables them to learn great writing strategies from C.S. Lewis.

Lewis’ Narnia stories popularized the myth-fantasy genre. He followed a detailed strategy to prepare the stories:

  • devising a sub-creation,
  • developing surprising friendships,
  • detailing a defeat of evil.

Lewis also used some of the Narnia stories to express a special type of literature. The Last Battle, for instance, is an example of apocalyptic literature and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is an epic.

4) Narnia for High School Students offers teens a creative vehicle for critical thinking.

Each of the Narnia books offers, through symbolism and the personal development of each character, opportunities for teens to develop their critical thinking skills. As teens prepare to enter adulthood, strong critical thinking skills is one of the best tools with which we can equip them. Our Narnia Study Guides ask questions to help teens grow in their thinking, practicing skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Not just for the little ones — Narnia for High School Students!

The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides


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2 Replies to “Narnia for High School Students”

  1. Are there anwsers or hints to help the students along with their critical thinking? It’s not been helpful to us in past when questions were asked but no ideas of what may be an answer is given to help direct the student and at least give them some direction.

    • You’re right, Michele. It is difficult sometimes for teens to know where to start on critical thinking questions. Over time they develop confidence, which is what you want. While they are still learning the critical thinking skills you will find that in the answer guide on critical thinking questions, we share some suggestions based on answers that high schoolers have frequently given.

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