New 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Introducing the new Elementary Literature Activity Guides from 7Sisters Homeschool!

 Elementary Literature Activity Guides. Make learning to read fun with hands-on learning activities for reading.

Elementary Literature Activity Guides

As homeschool parents we strive to teach our children to read well. Not only do we want our children to grasp phonics and decoding as well as master comprehension,  we endeavor to instill a love of books. We also want to choose some books that will inspire them to think, develop good character, and love to learn in general.

We’ve had parents whose teens love our literature study guides ask us: Will you give us an elementary literature guide that has the same 7Sisters inspirational, no busywork, don’t-kill-the-book, great price appeal?

So we went to the homeschool dad who does that exact thing each day.Wayne Thorp, creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Wayne Thorp, husband of 7Sisters’ Allison, has taught elementary education for over 30 years. He and Allison homeschooled their three children. Wayne captured the best of his family’s elementary literature experiences and the best of his teaching experiences to create our new Elementary Literature Activity Guides. Your elementary homeschoolers will learn to love the important aspects of reading and character development- without losing the joy of books!

7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides are based on classic and favorite children’s books, as well as popular non-fiction children’s books.Children love reading the books, or having them read to them. Then they love following up on the story with activities from the 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides.

These are not humdrum, fill-in-the-blanks study guides. They are ACTIVITY guides! Each activity guide includes:

Story Elements: Children identify elements common to all fictional stories.

Phonics / Grammar: Students practice a skill with a sorting activity using words from the story itself (plus a few others thrown in, for good measure).

Vocabulary: Young readers learn new words using the “Roll’em & Read’em” activity sheet.

Comprehension: Children develop their skills using an activity sheet based on the book.

Research: Students are encouraged to further study topics related to the story.


Activity Guide You Are Special
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Synopsis: In the Wemmick village, all the little wooden people give each other stars for approval or gray dots for disapproval. Punchinello gets no stars, only dots. This makes him feel bad until he meets Lucia; nothing sticks to her! She sends him to see the woodworker, Eli – he made all the Wemmicks. Eli has some pretty interesting things to say to Punchinello.

Readability Level: The activities in this guide are for young readers or readers in late 3rd grade/early 4th grade who need to bolster their skills. For young readers, the parent will read the book with the child while you enjoy the activities together.

Phonics component: r-controlled vowels

Borrow Max Lucado’s You Are Special from your local library or click here to purchase a copy from Amazon.

Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy
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Other Literature Activity Guides released this week include:

  • Curious George
  • Corduroy
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • A New Coat for Anna
  • The Whales’ Song
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Literature Activity Guides coming soon:

  • Aunt Flossie’s Hats
  • Amazing Grace
  • Miss Rumphius
  • Sunflower House
  • Freckle Juice
  • The Reason for a Flower  …  and MORE!

    Literature Activity Guide for A Tale of Peter Rabbit
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Elementary Literature Activity Guides

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  1. I would like to have or purchase the Elementary Literature Activity Guide.
    Thank you 1,000,000 X 1,000,000 for sharing your expertise.

    Much peace,

    Karla Hansen, MSW, LISW
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