New Help for Homeschooling High School Parents!

Planning on home education for the teen years? Here’s new help for homeschooling high school parents!

New Help for Homeschooling High School Parents

New Help for Homeschooling

High School Parents!

Homeschool high school, oh my! I remember when my oldest hit 8th grade. I knew next year would be high school. I was TERRIFIED!

  • What if I didn’t homeschool high school right?
  • What if I couldn’t figure out how to do credits?
  • What if I couldn’t figure out GPA?
  • What if my kid didn’t get into college?

Fortunately, at that time I was president of our local homeschool support group. Even though, back in those days, not many folks kept homeschooling through the teen years, there were a few of us that wanted to.  We parents needed help for homeschool high school!

So we started a rap group. (In those days, a rap group was a bunch of people who sat around and discussed a particular topic.) Our topic homeschooling high school. We talked. We researched. We interviewed. We homeschooled high school.

Eventually a group of us started to co-op, then teach homeschool group classes. Some of us began to serve as academic advisors for the local homeschool high schoolers. We developed no-busywork curriculum that could level to fit each student’s needs. After helping hundreds of homeschool high schoolers graduate with powerful transcripts and success in career or college, we started to share with other parents the things we’ve learned.

We want you to have the same success and fun of homeschooling high school.

That’s why we’ve developed our FIRST self-paced course for parents, Homeschool High School: You CAN Do It. The course includes text, videos, and printables. It is jam-packed with the answers to your burning homeschool high school questions such as:New Help for Homeschooling High School Parents

  • Why Homeschool High School?
  • What Must Be Covered?
  • What Is a Credit And How Do You Earn One?
  • How Do You Earn a Language Arts Credit?
  • What Are Levels for High School Credits?
  • What Are Some General Expectations for Student Accomplishment Each Year?
  • Whom Do You Need?
  • What Is Your Vision?
  • How Do You Set Your 4-Year Goals?
  • How Do You Set Your 1-Year Goals?
  • How Do You Match Curriculum to Your Student?
  • How Do You Create a Transcript?
  • How Do You Assign Grades and GPA?
  • How Do You Choose Electives?

Homeschool High School: You CAN Do It! is unique in that it is a self-paced course. Like any online course, you do the work digitally- but at your own pace. It is fun, full of great information, and helps alleviate those homeschool high school fears.

Here are our answers to 10 common questions about homeschooling.

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New Help for Homeschooling High School Parents!

Vicki Tillman

Blogger, curriculum developer at, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

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