Online High School Psychology Course from 7Sisters!

By demand, it’s finally here: an online high school psychology course from 7Sisters!

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective Online, self-paced course from 7SistersHomeschool.

Online High School Psychology Course from 7Sisters!

Teens have been asking for an online Psych course from us for a long time. We finally got it for them! We know that many teens learn best with a video component to their lessons. (Hey, I understand. I’m not a teen and I learn best if there is a video component to the continuing education courses I must take.)

It took a while but we finally found a platform that makes things simple for us and for the teens (a win-win). So, we are able to now launch our first course for teens.

Introducing 7SistersHomeschool’s Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective- Online version

This course is based on 7Sisters’ popular Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective textbook. Therefore, we follow the same 7Sisters’ philosophy as all our texts. That means that courses should be:

No busywork

  • This is the number one thing teens told us as we were working on our textbooks back in the day. As you know, we vetted the texts through our homeschoolers and the teens in our group and co-op classes. Teens would complain that their traditional textbooks tended to have lots of busywork which irritated them.
  • SO, we listened and have kept a minimalist approach to material in text: Just the useful stuff!


  • Courses should be presented in a simple, friendly, understandable manner so that most teens can enjoy and learn valuable information
  • Texts should include “level up” activities and resources. That way teens who are looking for high-powered Honors credits for their homeschool transcripts can earn their credit in a way particularly meaningful to them.


  • That part is for parents. We 7Sisters are homeschool moms so we know we are all on a budget. With that in mind, we do our best to keep the cost of our texts (and now courses) affordable.

What’s the online Psychology course like?

SO, what is the our online Psych like?

It is a self-paced, asynchronous course

Based on what teens have told us they want, we chose the self-paced (asynchronous) platform for the Psychology course. Because the course is pre-recorded, they can work at their own pace, on their own schedules. This fits well for many busy teens.

The course is directly tied to 7Sisters Introduction to Psychology textbook

The Psychology textbook is a half-credit course (with instructions on creating a full credit for teens who desire that) which covers standard Intro to Psychology topics:

  • The Brain and How it Works
  • Perception
  • Genetics
  • Learning
  • History of Psychology (Ancient to Pre-modern Times )
  • History of Psychology into Modern Times

    Introduction to Psychology
    Click image for full description.
  • Communication
  • Needs and Motivation
  • Looking at Personality & Theory
  • Sleep & Dreams
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychological Testing
  • Christian Counseling
  • Understanding Research & Statistics
  • Careers in Psychology

Teens will need a copy of 7Sisters Introduction to Psychology textbook.


Each chapter has a video lesson (or two)

Instruction for each chapter is presented in video form. The lessons are presented by me (Vicki Tillman, MA, LPCMH). As most of you know, I work as a licensed professional counselor in a private practice in Delaware. That’s one reason that this course is so important to me: I love my career…and also hope that God calls more young people into the field.

BTW- the lessons are filmed in my office, so teens get a glimpse of what a counselor’s work situation can look like.

After the video lesson, each chapter includes:

A checklist for students (including: read the chapter, answer questions, take the chapter test)

Enrichment materials:

  • Links to additional videos that give more opportunity to explore the topic of the chapter
  • Instructions or links for activities that help develop the material of the chapter

Parents are involved

In an effort to keep the course simple (and prices affordable), students will use their text for questions and tests. Parents will grade as usual. More importantly, this allows parents to choose what is graded and the weight of grades.

What are the benefits of an asynchronous, online course for high schoolers?

There are several benefits for your teens:

  • They receive video instruction from a professional who is actually working in the field
  • The instruction is given by a homeschool mom as well (besides being a counselor, I homeschooled my kids as well as teaching Psychology to our homeschool co-ops and group classes), so I know, hands-on what many homeschool high schoolers tend to want in their courses
  • Teaching is from the 7Sisters’ light-hearted approach that inspires teens
  • The course is still level-able, with special enrichment material provided in the lesson materials

And don’t forget, there are benefits for parents as well: You have the 7Sisters community as well as the reasonable 7Sisters pricing!

SO head over to our online Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective course and sign up your teen today!

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