Our Very Special Seventh Sister – Lisa Schea

Our very special seventh sister, Lisa Schea, went to be with the Lord on Saturday, February 18, 2017 in her home in Newark, Delaware. She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is survived by her sister Jan Tugwell, husband Henry Schea, five sons and granddaughter. A self-described gypsy, she moved twenty-five times across nine states during her life. She found her earthly home in family, while looking forward to her eternal home in heaven. She was married to Henry for 36 years, and found her greatest joy in the family they raised together. She home schooled her five sons (Jeremy, Brian, Isaac, Joshua and Daniel), and welcomed her first granddaughter, Everly, into the world late last year.

For many years, Lisa homeschooled her boys alongside the other six of the 7 Sisters. Our lives intertwined in numerous ways. Our kids knew each other – some were very good friends. Some of her boys were in sports alongside some of our children. They took classes together. They went on field trips. And, as a result, we moms became friends, too.

Lisa embodied grace. She was a picture of God’s grace in her life and she extended grace to those around her. She took a stand for the underdog, volunteered, gave, and taught her sons to do the same. She didn’t just speak her convictions – she lived them out day by day. She was also a prayer warrior. If you asked her to pray for you, you could be certain that she was doing so.

seventh sister Lisa Schea
A special get-away weekend for Marilyn, Lisa and Kym

For many years, Lisa battled chronic illness. For the last eight years, she was on oxygen. She brought that portable oxygen tank everywhere. She was at all her kids activities and joined us for prayer most weeks. She also wrote a devotional, available in our bookstore, that tackles some of what it is like to homeschool while battling a chronic illness. She wanted to encourage others. (See below for a special offer on her devotional, God Meets Me Here.) As far as it was within her power, she didn’t let her restrictions define her. Now she has won the final battle and is in heaven with Jesus, dancing and singing praises.

As a local seventh sister, Lisa was one of the first people to receive one of our mugs – they happened to come out in time for her birthday last year. She was quite pleased – with the sentiment, but also that the inside of the cup is PURPLE, her favorite color. Looking at the mug now reminds us of Lisa.

Lisa supported many ministries, but perhaps none was as dear to her heart as the local ministry Urban Promise. Lisa and her family volunteered, gave, and encouraged the staff there regularly. As a tribute to Lisa, all proceeds from the sale of her book here on our site will be donated to Urban Promise. UP educates children from the inner city, giving them a chance to find success. To read more about UP, check out this link: http://www.urbanpromise.org.

Lisa, you will be missed.

Allison, Kym, Marilyn, Sabrina, Sara, and Vicki

Even in chronic illness, God is with us. Invest 30 days in devotional prayer for strength, encouragement and guidance with long time homeschooler, Lisa Schea. Lisa’s shares her experiences with COPD and other long-term illnesses, shares blessings, and shows realistic ways to pray.

God Meets Me Here is available for immediate download and costs just $2.99.

Won’t you consider buying her devotional and blessing the children at Urban Promise, even as you receive a blessing from Lisa’s book?


In preparation for Lisa’s memorial service, 7Sister Kym wrote this beautiful letter of thanks to God for our very special seventh sister.

Kym, Marilyn and Lisa on a special outing to our local botanical garden, one of Lisa’s “happy places.”

I can think of no better way to pay tribute to Lisa, one of my very best friends, than by writing a thank-you letter to God. I think writing a poem would have been a close second, but that might be a little like Lisa getting up and singing at my memorial service.

Dear God,

Thank you for creating Lisa and bringing her into each of our lives.

Thank you for creating Lisa to be a teacher. If You hadn’t called her to homeschool, her boys wouldn’t be the kind of Godly young men they are today. So many of us never would have met. Our children wouldn’t have taken classes together, been in co-ops together, been in MEK & TEK together, been the black knight and King Arthur together or become best friends. Who knows, maybe MSA would never have been granted approval to join the DIAA and grow into a school with 3 sports programs.

Thank you for creating Lisa to be an axle in our homeschool community, in her church family, in the Urban Promise Ministry and so many other places. While many of us got to continuing serving as tires – working right where the rubber meets the road, You made Lisa strong, grounded and used her to connect us to – You, the drive train and source of our power – and so many other “wheels” out there on the road. While this role was challenging and sometimes lonely for Lisa, You always kept her company.

Thank You for creating Lisa to be an adventurer. Thank you that she got to take her family across the country in that camper, checking out all of the most significant locations – including the world’s largest ear of corn. And for all of the adventures I was blessed to take with her. Driving the boys and friends to Six Flags in the camper for a special birthday celebration, then taking a moms’ detour to the beach. You had recently blessed Lisa with Seymour, her portable O2 concentrater. We had walked a fair way on the boardwalk, enjoyed a yummy lunch and even had refreshing frozen fruit drinks with umbrellas in them when it suddenly began to rain. We grabbed a trash can liner from a kind merchant to serve as a raincoat for Seymour and high-tailed it back to the camper. Thank you for giving Henry patience when Lisa came home and explained that I had failed to safely guide her into a parking spot, but instead guided her right into a sign post. Thank you for our great road trip to WI to visit Jeremy and Katie and for giving them the gift of hospitality and the love of disc golf that they generously shared with Kendall and me. Thank you for inspiring Lisa to take us on that intentional detour to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA, as well as the unintentional detours resulting in an hour and a half “potty break” and Father’s Day shopping trip in Cabela’s, and the detour where we nearly ended up in the wrong state and near the wrong Great Lake.

Thank you for creating Lisa to be a missionary at heart. We know Lisa and Henry have supported missionaries and ministries in so many places and we know that none is more near and dear to her heart than Urban Promise in Wilmington.

Thank you for creating, or is it transforming?, Lisa into an organizer. I am so grateful for the many ways she shared that talent. Years ago she helped a struggling teacher organize her papers and created a file and record keeping system for her. Most recently Lisa had been asking me what my rock is for the day…She was referring to the idea that your biggest priorities are your rocks and smaller ones are stones, pebbles, and sand that more easily fit in around the rocks. I’m going to ask myself that question each day and thank you for leading Lisa to teach me that.

Seventh Sister Lisa Schea
Kym and Lisa at Longwood Gardens

Thank you for creating Lisa to be a prayer warrior. One of my most powerful memories of Lisa will always be a day when someone asked her to pray for them, expecting her to put them on her prayer list. Lisa did that AND said, “Let’s pray right now!” Before we knew it, she had taken hold of our hands and was leading us in prayer. I have no idea what we prayed for that day, but I will forever remember the praying itself and will try to follow her lead. Thank you too for calling Lisa to be our unofficial Mt. Sophia Chaplain. We could always count on her to pray for the students, the families, the teachers and staff. Whether with us in person or from home via text, it was always a privilege to pray with Lisa. Thank you so much for the precious prayer time Lisa led with Henry, Bear and I just a couple of weeks ago. Lord, not only did you answer so many of Lisa’s prayers, but you used Lisa to answer so many of our prayers.

Thank You for creating Lisa to be a writer. She wrote notes, cards and letters to family, friends, MSA students and families, missionaries, etc. She wrote countless poems and even teamed up with Marilyn to give Henry, the boys and all of us the gift of a poetry book. Lisa not only used her writing for herself and her family, but she used it to share all that You did for her Lord, on the cross and in her life.

Thank you so much for creating Lisa to be a caregiver. Not only did you make her a loving wife to Henry and devoted mom to Jeremy, Brian, Isaac, Joshua and Daniel, and delighted grandmother to Everly, but you gave her a heart to also be a special “chosen” mom to Bear, Eddie, Brandon and so many others. Even when we were in the hospital awaiting the latest diagnosis, Lisa was busy making sure everyone would have a good Christmas. She was Santa putting her elves (Marilyn and me) to work in her hospital room (aka workshop) stuffing, stamping, sealing and addressing Christmas cards! You made Lisa such a shining example of love and caring. She was always very honest about knowing that she wasn’t perfect, a cracked, earthen vessel, and she did her best to let your love and your light pour through those cracks.

Thank you so much for creating Lisa to be filled with joy and laughter! We had so much fun putting on a Chonda Pierce comedy or a chic flick like Mom’s Night Out and laughing ’til we coughed, cried and knew we’d had an ab work out! I can think of no one who enjoyed playing a game more than Lisa – especially if it was the first time she ever played it, because she was almost guaranteed to win! And oh did she love to get a Quirkle! With or without Henry’s help! It would still crack me up every time I would see Lisa’s tube of shea butter lotion – appropriately named “Shea it ain’t so”.

Thank You for creating Lisa to be a lover of Your beauty. We thank you for the many visits to Longwood Gardens, where she could see your handiwork in the colors, shapes, sizes and uniqueness of each plant and flower – especially the orchids. Another of Lisa’s favorite places to soak in the beauty of your creation was at the beach where she saw the power of the waves, the vastness of the ocean and the grains of sand too numerous to count. Oh yeah, and thanks for getting her there this summer and for that picture of her sticking her tongue out at one of her doctors. Lord, thank You for giving Lisa the desire to see the Northern Lights. And for showing them to her from above. I’m sure the view is much more spectacular from up there!

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Lisa! And for keeping her until we meet her again!

Our very special seventh sister, Lisa Schea

Sabrina Justison

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