Homeschool Writing Project: The Holidays are the Perfect Time to Write a Family Narrative!

Perfect time to write a family narrative is during a family holiday!

Creativity is necessary for excellence in all writing formats. Once homeschooling high schoolers graduate, they will need to be able to communicate in ways that interest employers, Sunday school classes, ministries, or any other place God puts them.

perfect time to write

Perfect Time to Write a Family Narrative

Those who are heading for college will be competing for good grades on papers. If they have creativity in their use of thoughts and words, they can produce papers that are interesting to read (as opposed to 200 other drably-written papers that a professor might read).

The holidays are a perfect time to encourage your teen or tween to write a family narrative. Practicing this kind of creative writing is so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like it’s schoolwork!

Homeschoolers can develop confidence in their creativity skills by having some fun with their writing assignments using 7Sisters creative writing high school curriculum guides with 2 versions of story writing using a favorite family event as the basis of the story:

Introductory Guide to High School Short Story Writing: Family Narrative is an easy, fun downloadable pdf writing guide

Family Narrative Guide

Presented in a step-by-step format for the inexperienced writer, homeschoolers achieve success by doing small amounts of writing each day beginning with formats with which they are already familiar (social media). The friendly, conversational tone of the text helps students then learn to thing in creative story form by taking on:

  • Character development
  • Storyline
  • Sparkling conversation
  • Creative word order

Holiday Family Narrative Writing Guide: another easy, fun writing guide!

This one-week writing guide will take your teens step-by-step as they chronicle a memorable family story. The Holiday Family Narrative Guide is user-friendly, self-directed, no busywork and FUN!

Topics covered in this writing guide include:

  • character development
  • simple storyline development
  • simple dialogue
  • mood

Holiday Family Narrative

Both guides:

Designed for independent learning or for co-ops, homeschoolers will require little or no guidance to complete this creative writing high school curriculum e-text and gain solid creativity skills.

Your homeschool high schoolers will also learning about a Dickens family! They will enjoy some light-hearted but meaningful Christmas learning experiences with 7Sisters Christmas Carol book and movie guides. Here’s information on making the most of these fun guides.

How to Use Dickens' A Christmas Carol for Rich High School Learning
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