Don’t Leave High School Without It! Philosophy in 4 Questions

Why should your homeschool high schoolers earn philosophy credit for their transcripts?

Philosophy in 4 Questions

Philosophy in 4 Questions

Don’t graduate without it! Philosophy in 4 Questions is one of the most important courses a homeschool high schooler can use for a powerful transcript and life preparation. Here’s why:

  1. Philosophers run the world – your teens need to become aware of the ideas running the world. (You just don’t notice it. Philosophers are the brains behind political decisions, health care management, types of books we read, fashions we enjoy, even some of the ways we interact with our theology.)
  2. Teens who recognize philosophical thoughts and trends can become culture creators themselves.
  3. God is a philosopher. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. God said to “get wisdom”. God is the creator of wisdom.  It is important for our teens learn to be wise and submit their thinking to God’s wisdom.

Dr. Micah Tillman (a homeschool alumnus) teaches Philosophy at University of Maryland, George Washington
University, and McDaniel College. He wrote Philosophy in 4 Questions at the request of some homeschool high schoolers to help them understand the basics of philosophy. (Click for an excerpt from the text.)

In Philosophy in 4 Questions, Dr. Tillman broke the 4 basic questions of philosophy into bite-sized, understandable chunks:


  1. What is there?Philosophy in 4 Questions
  2. How do we know?>
  3. What do we do about it?
  4. Why?

Written in a light-hearted, fun manner and a Christian worldview, Philosophy in 4 Questions helps teens learn to recognize, think about, and discuss these questions. Lessons are short, easy to digest, and include lively examples.

Philosophy in 4 Questions is a favorite course for homeschool high schoolers who want to learn to think and become culture creators.

Don’t let your teens’ God-given thinking abilities go to waste! Let Dr. Micah Tillman give them the tools to become a generation of Godly philosophers in whatever career they pursue.

Text includes a separate answer key and guide for writing an optional philosopher’s paper. Click here for an excerpt.

History and Philosophy of the Western WorldAlthough students need no prerequisite his course is a great follow-up for History and Philosophy of the Western World.

Recommendations from Homeschool High Schoolers

I really enjoyed the textbook because often times when dealing with uncomfortable or serious topics Dr. Tillman would incorporate some humor and it made the subject a little easier to digest. Philosophy has always been a great thing to study in my mind. It helps me think more clearly and it teaches me to never settle for the easiest option, and Tillman’s text book certainly made me think a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through and completing this text and I would suggest it to anyone who feels inspired to delve deeper into what they believe about the world.– James, 11th grade when he completed Philosophy in 4 Questions.

The course was super fun, and the material had so much depth. Learning not only the different schools of thought but their origins, and of their followers opened my eyes to further understand the people and circumstances around me. Breathing new life in what I thought were worn out doctrines.– Jonah, 10th grade when he completed Philosophy in 4 Questions

Philosophy in 4 Questions

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  1. I am having trouble finding this book and my 15 year old son is very interested. Any help would be appreciated!

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