Introducing! Physical Education Textbook for Homeschool High School

It’s here! 7Sisters Physical Education Textbook for Homeschool High School!

Physical Education Textbook for Homeschool High School: Foundations of Fitness from 7SistersHomeschool

Introducing! Physical Education Textbook for Homeschool High School

Way back when I was first homeschooling my high schoolers, I couldn’t find a textbook that would cover physical education so that my teens could understand the concepts of fitness and movement. So we concentrated on earning phys ed credits by logging physical activity.

My various teens earned credits by:

  • Playing league sports
  • Karate lessons
  • Hiking and walking
  • Weightlifting
  • Fencing
  • Canoeing
  • Dance (ballroom, folk and ballet)
  • Exercising

That was fine, but it would have been better if they had had a text to teach them how and why to be fit and videos to show them how to be fit.

And it finally happened! We finally have a physical education textbook for homeschool high school. We are so thankful that two of 7Sister Sara’s homeschool graduate sons have successful careers as personal trainers. They put together a PE curriculum for our homeschool high schoolers!

Following the general guidelines for physical education credits, Joel and Luke Hayes, included these components in the Foundations of Fitness text and videos:

  • Cognitive content (thinking, learning, remembering)
  • Instruction designed to develop:
    • Motor skills
    • Knowledge and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness

As you know, most homeschool high schoolers will need at least one (and often two) credits in physical education in homeschool high school. Not only do they need the credits, they also need physical activity for good homeschooling and lifestyle. Now teens can learn the whys and hows of fitness and earn actual fitness hours being guided by safe training videos!

This comprehensive Physical Education curriculum includes:

  • Text for 1/2 of the PE credit
  • Training videos with logs so that teens can log enough activity time to complete their credit (60-90 hours, according to your state’s requirements)

    Foundations of Physical Fitness curriculum from
    Click image for full description.
  • Tests
  • Answer key
  • Syllabus

The text includes these important physical fitness topics:

  • Instructions on How to Use this Course
  • Introduction
  • Chapters:
    • 1: Different Types of Fitness
    • 2: Progressive Overload
    • 3: Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises
    • 4: Form Is King
    • 5: Cardiovascular Exercise
    • 6: Stretching and Mobility
    • 7: Real Fitness vs Fake Fitness
    • 8: Fit for Services

Click here for an excerpt to Foundations of Physical Fitness.

Just so you know, Joel and Luke are the real deal. Check out their credentials:

Joel Simeon Paul Hayes (text author)

  • B.S. Sport Management
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • NESTA Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist
  • Battle Ropes Level 1 Certified Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • Also, TRX Functional Training Certified
  • TRX Rip Training Certified
  • Trigger Point 2.0 Certified
  • AHA, Red Cross, National CPR Foundation, and ProTraining CPR Certified
  • Joel has completed more than 30 other training courses in areas such as Strength and Conditioning, Flexibility, Pro Athletics Training, Heart Rate Variability, Training for Seniors, Sports Nutrition, Metabolic Training, and Sports Conditioning.

Luke Josiah Samuel Hayes (video instructor)

  • NPTI – Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • NASM – Weight Loss Specialist
  • NESTA – Sports Injury Specialist
  • NESTA – Core Conditioning Specialist
  • NFPT – Resistance Training Specialist
  • NFPT – Endurance Training Specialist
  • TRX – Group Suspension Training
  • CPR/AED – American Red Cross
  • Personal Trainer – 9+ years / 700 clients.
  • Awarded Gold’s Gym Top Trainer on the East Cost for AA Clubs
  • Lead Personal Trainer – 1 year
  • Fitness Manager – 2 years
  • Top Percent-to-Goal Revenue Club (2x)
  • Co-owner, Trio Fitness OCR
  • Owner, Oasis Personal Training
  • 65+ fitness competitions – 12 Podium finishes; 10 Top-Ten finishes
  • OCR Competitor since 2017

This is such an exciting opportunity for teens to understand how and why fitness works! (Remember: Physical Education credit is BOTH text and activity, so be sure to log both.)

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Download Foundations of Physical Fitness for an enlightening and invigorating PE credit!

We have even created a follow up for those students wanting more!

Framework of Physical Fitness, by Joel Paul Simeon Hayes, builds on the knowledge that students gained from Foundations of Physical FitnessWhile it is intended to be a follow-up to Foundations of Physical FitnessFramework of Physical Fitness can be studied independently.

Framework of Physical Fitness 7SistersHomeschool
Click image for full description.

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