How to Plan and Schedule Your Homeschool High School Year

Here are tips on how to plan and schedule your homeschool high school year.

How to Plan and Schedule Your New Homeschool Year

How to Plan and Schedule Your Homeschool High School Year

We get questions about how to plan out a homeschool high school year and then how to make a schedule for the year.

The first thing we always say is: There’s not ONE right way to plan and schedule!

Step 1. Think about these things:

  • Do you know about any major events in your family’s near future: school-year vacations/trips, surgeries, visits from relatives?
  • If your teens are in a co-op or group classes, what are their special events?
  • When do you want to begin and end your school year? (How many weeks in your year?)
  • When do you want to begin and end each semester?
  • Are you using block scheduling or spacing curriculum through the year?
  • What extracurriculars will your teens join?

Step 2. Make a list all the above. Put them on your family’s master calendar (whatever that may look like).

Step 3. Create a school-year calendar.

  • Include the major dates listed above
  • Add co-op and group classes
  • Add extracurricular schedules

Step 4. Watch this amazing discussion by 7Sister Sabrina, about dividing up curriculum into days, then add those days to your calendar. (This lets your teens know how many days they have for each lesson, test and activity.)

Step 5. Develop your syllabus. Adapt it to your calendar. Here’s a post to help you write your syllabii.

Step 6. While you’ve got some free time, think about rubrics you may need to develop for any of your courses. These are especially important with writing projects. All of 7Sisters’ writing curriculum includes rubrics for those projects.


Download your 7Sisters curriculum today and have a great time with your planning and scheduling.


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How to Plan and Schedule Your Homeschool High School Year


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