A Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

A Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

You can download the complete list of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides as a FREEBIE right here!

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides for the elementary-aged homeschoolers are NOT your average literature guide!

Our guides are delightful, hands-on learning experiences based on books that kids love! We do not believe in killing the book by over-teaching  or putting too much pressure on young learners to be too serious.

We believe that hands-on, fun learning actually makes learning more efficient! With 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides, you will help your elementary-aged reader:

  • learn life concepts
  • build on their knowledge and already-learned skills
  • broaden their phonics and other learning skills 
  • have fun learning by doing
  • read fiction and non-fiction

They have these wonderful learning experiences in each 7Sisters Literature Activity Guide with:

  • Story Elements Fill-ins
    • Young homeschoolers learn about the common elements of a book such as:
    • Basic plot lines by discussing the beginning, middle, and end of the book
    • Practicing retelling skills which eventually enable them to effectively:
      • summarize the story
      • recognize cause and effect
      • follow the plot
  • Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Activities
    • Each Literature Activity Guide includes hands-on games and activities to learn and reinforce phonics, spelling, and vocabulary 
  • Supplemental Activities
    • 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides also provide suggestions for meaningful supplemental activities that teach your homeschoolers to extend their learning. For instance:

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides can be used as stand alone reading and literature activities or they can be used in:

Here is a list of 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides:

The price is comfortable, too: $4.99/guide. A lot of learning for a little price.

Download this freebie now and get started with a delightful literature-learning homeschool year!

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