A Developmental Approach to Teaching Kindergarten

Developmental Kindergarten

Homeschool Mom, should you REALLY push your kindergartener to plow through school-type reading curriculum and perform rigorous mathematical computations? A child who is pushed beyond his developmental maturity may become frustrated and difficult to teach.

A sensitive homeschool teacher recognizes her young student’s developmental needs. She builds her child’s readiness skills through multi-sensory games and instruction. The young homeschooler then experiences success and learns that education can be fun- a good foundation!

Written by Vicki Tillman, MA, and based on the hands-on methods she used to educate her 5 children, this information-packed resource presents homeschool parents with practical concepts and delightful activities for developing readiness skills for reading and math.

This 21-page downloadable pdf resource guide includes:

  • an overview of developmental milestones
  • activities for developing perceptual motor skills
  • activities for developing perceptual visual skills
  • activities for developing auditory skills
  • activities for developing cognitive skills
  • activities for developing number skills
  • activities for developing reading skills

Start your homeschool experience with fun and encouragement in a developmentally appropriate way with A Developmental Approach to Teaching Kindergarten!

Click here to view an excerpt from A Developmental Approach to Teaching Kindergarten.

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