Fine Arts for Non-Artsy People

Fine Arts for Non-Artsy People

How on earth do you help your homeschooling high schooler earn a fine arts credit if neither of you are artsy?

Here is  a fun and easy way to earn a General Fine Arts credit in a way that enriches your teen with beautiful (and simple) experiences. This is a no-fuss, no-fail way to expose your high schooler to beautiful art, music and drama.

Even if we are not creative, it is good to train our children to appreciate beauty in the world around us. God has made so much for us to richly enjoy — either in nature or through the talents of various types of artists.

This guide for parents includes some practical ways to help your homeschool high schoolers earn a well-rounded General Fine Arts credit (a fine arts credit that does not focus on one specific thing, like playing the piano, acting in a play, or drawing) — even if they are not artistic!

Amount of credit:

You will use the Carnegie Unit for assigning credit for your high schooler’s transcript. Traditionally, Carnegie Units (the unit standard employed by many states for high school credits) are 120 hours per credit. Some states or homeschool umbrella programs may require up to 180 hours per credit. (This means that .5 credit would be 60-90 hours.)

So, rather than struggling through an uninspiring textbook, you simply keep a log of hours spent in General Fine Arts experiences.

The ideas for teens in this short guide can earn them as little as 1/4 credit and as much as 1 full credit, according to the amount of time they devote to each activity or experience.



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