A Weekend in Calcutta (with Production Permissions)

A Weekend in Calcutta Script with Production Permission 7SistersHomeschool.com

Jamie Miller is a frustrated writer, longing to write musicals. What Jamie does to pay the bills is write for a textbook publisher. Jamie and his wife Chris wrestle with the longing to create something beautiful, while bound by the necessity to create something practical.

Jamie’s current work-in-progress is a musical called “Just Existing,” and as the laptop keys tap-tap-tap the audience sees the play come to life on stage. Nelson, Isabel, Mark and the cast fight against all odds to produce the show to which they are committed.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s pay-the-bills job requires a weekend of research on Mother Teresa of Calcutta for a new 20th Century World History textbook. Taking the audience along, Jamie shadows Mother Teresa as he learns about her decades of work with the poorest of the poor. Entering Mother Teresa’s world for a weekend will change Jamie’s world forever.

A Weekend in Calcutta is about the desire we all experience for powerful and creative endeavors, and the tough but fantastic process of giving those desires over to God, letting Him run the show.

Cast requirements:  Minimum 15, Maximum 30

Set requirements – none.  Simple tables, chairs, and a couch may be used.

Costuming – modern casual clothes, black pants and shirts for the priests, dance clothes for the cast of “Just Existing,” simple sari-style costumes made from bedsheets.

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