Activity Guide: Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs

This delightful read-aloud favorite is a powerful way to introduce your elementary-aged homeschoolers to the world of classical music! At the same time 7Sisters Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs guides them through developmentally-appropriate phonics and comprehension skills for younger elementary students.

Synopsis: Through a series of letters, a young boy recounts how hectic his life becomes now that the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven rents a room in his house. Follow Christoph’s journey from embarrassment to enthrallment as he becomes accustomed to this most unusual houseguest.

Readability Level: approximately end of 4th grade so this makes a wonderful read-aloud for the whole family while the activities can be done with younger elementary students.

Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs includes:

  • Story Elements: Children identify elements common to all fictional stories.
  • Phonics / Grammar: Students practice a skill with a sorting activity using  words from the story itself (plus a few others thrown in, for good measure).
  • Vocabulary: Young readers learn new words using the “Roll’em & Read’em” activity sheet.
  • Comprehension: Children develop their skills using an activity sheet based on the book.
  • Grammar component: Syllabication.
  • Comprehension skills: Author’s technique and point of view.
  • Research: Students are encouraged to further study topics related to the story.

This Elementary Activity Guide is created by Wayne Thorp, a veteran elementary school teacher with overWayne Thorp, creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guides thirty years experience teaching grades one through three. He is the father of three K-12 home schooled children (now grown). The guides have been vetted and approved by his second graders for years.

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