High School Essay Writing-Advanced Guide, Acceptable for States that Reimburse

Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing, Acceptable for State Reimbursement

High School Essay Writing-Advanced Guide, Acceptable for State Reimbursement is for teens who don’t want busywork in their writing assignments. 

Give your homeschooler the tools he/she needs to write for life with this downloadable pdf e-text!

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Students who are nearing graduation need is an essay writing curriculum that hones their:

  • thinking skills 
  • writing skills
  • and builds their confidence.

Homeschooling high schoolers need to be able to communicate their thoughts in a clear and persuasive manner.

7Sisters’ High School Essay Writing-Advanced Guide, Acceptable for State Reimbursement ushers high schoolers through skills that will help them defend their beliefs, write college-ready literary analysis, and write well-constructed timed essays.

What will your teen find in High School Essay Writing-Advanced Guide, Acceptable for State Reimbursement?

Eight weeks of self-guided lessons with LOTS of great instruction and NO useless busywork or overwhelming over-teaching. Editing checklist and rubrics are included.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Essay Format
  • Persuasive Essay
  • The Compare/Contrast Essay
  • Fiction Literary Analysis
  • Non-Fiction Literary Analysis
  • Writing An Editorial/Letter to the Editor
  • The Timed Essay
  • Editing Checklist
  • Avoiding Sentence Fragments
  • Commonly Used Rubric and Editorial/Letter to the Editor Rubric

Give your teen the skills to communicate now, in college, and in life!

Click here to view an excerpt from Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing.

Even reluctant writers can build a strong skill set for essay-writing with a curriculum that breaks the process into manageable steps and doesn’t waste their time with busywork. The logical thinking process behind a well-written essay is not intuitive to most kids; Advanced Guide to High School Essay Writing presents the process in a friendly, conversational style that wins over even a student who says, “I don’t know what to write!!”

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What are homeschool parents saying about 7Sisters Writing Curriculum?

“The language arts writing program has helped our two reluctant writers succeed in their writing. The intermediate essay writing curriculum broke down the steps so that even my student who has never felt successful in writing, and avoids it at all cost, was able to write several papers without the panic that he used to experience. It worked well for our “writer” as well. He felt that it was challenging enough that he could grow in his writing skills without being repetitive or boring. Our daughter said that “I finally can write without fear.” They are now able to write high school level papers in all of their courses. They all said that they do not want to use any other writing curriculum ever again! Research writing, here we come!” – Adell C.

My daughter is a graduating senior who is dyslexic and dysgraphic so she finds essays very intimidating. We have struggled to find the balance between instruction that will prepare her for college and instruction that meets her where her ability level is. We have found your high school essay writing guide fits the bill for her. The assignments are broken down into easy to understand pieces and we can go as slowly or as quickly as she feels comfortable with. Also the fact that it is mostly independent work for her makes her happy because she wants less and less “mom input.” – Amber V.

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