American Poetry: Reading and Writing

American Poetry: Reading and Writing

American Poetry: Reading and Writing will help your homeschool high schoolers appreciate the varied American heritage and at the same time learn to love reading and writing poetry.

This course captures the essence of American culture through our history BUT not in a stuffy, boring format.

During this five-week tour of American poetry, homeschool high schoolers will get a taste of:

  • fun poetry
  • serious poetry
  • poetry from Americans of various ethnic backgrounds

Teens will read short selections of poetry and try their hands at writing some fun and some inspirational poetry.

“Don’t kill the topic by busywork” is the motto of this course. In this 26 page, 5-week course, young people will complete one quick lesson each day, 4 days per week. Here are the topics (with reading and writing in each area) they will cover:

  • Week 1: Fun Poetry
  • Week 2: Native American Poetry
  • Week 3: Early American Poetry
  • Week 4: Poetry That Tells a Story
  • Week 5: African-American Poetry

This downloadable workbook includes a 7-page answer key to help parents with grading.

Click here for a free excerpt of American Poetry: Reading and Writing.

For more help on teaching poetry, check out this episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

Your homeschool high schoolers will enjoy this course. Download a copy today.

Also, for teens who get excited and want a full year/full credit of poetry, here’s a syllabus for a poetry credit to walk them through the process.

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