2 – Another Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 10th grade)

Another Year of High School English Language Arts a good fit for 10th grade from 7Sisters

The High School English/Language Arts credit is complex — so many pieces to put together. Sometimes, it’s good to have everything all in one place. You have found your all-in-one-place curriculum right here with Another Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 10th grade)…and with your homeschooling big sisters’ commitment to no-busywork!

Credit Information:  This is a one-credit high school level ELA course, adaptable for basic, college prep, and honors levels.

Your PDF curriculum is ready for immediate download after purchase. This full-year, adaptable, no busy-work English/Language Arts curriculum for your high school student provides:

~ Reading with literary analysis,

~ writing instruction (for 4 types of papers),

~ vocabulary,

~ grammar,

~ public speaking

~ a suggested schedule and

~ tools to help with grading!

The literature & writing guides included in this downloadable text will inform and inspire your homeschooling high schoolers without boring or burdening them with busywork.

Literature guides contain brief background information, important literature terms and themes, vocabulary and analysis questions – NEVER enough to kill your teens’ enjoyment of the book.

Writing guides contain concise daily lessons that teach four different types of writing skills important for high school students to master (creative writing/short story, essays, research papers, and poetry). The lessons contain brief information, instruction, and assignments. Rubrics for grading are included.

Both the literature guides and the writing guides are good for self-instruction, as well as family or co-op classes.

Here’s what each 7Sisters High School English/Language Arts one-year bundle includes:

  • Study Guides for literary analysis of books (and movies!)
  • Research Paper Writing Guides
  • Essay Writing Guide
  • Poetry Writing Guide
  • Short-Story Writing Guide
  • Public Speaking Experiences
  • Grammar Pocket Guide
  • Grammar Resources
  • Vocabulary Resources
  • Clear and friendly How-To-Use section for parents
  • Suggested schedule for a 9-month academic year
  • Rubrics and suggestions for grading

Another Year of High School English Language Arts a good fit for 10th grade from 7Sisters

10th grade High School English/Language Arts

After downloading and saving your curriculum files to your device, begin exploring by opening the file called “INTRO and How-to-Use.”


Why choose THIS bundle as opposed to other curriculum at 7Sisters?

While each guide included in this ELA bundle may be purchased individually from 7Sisters, this bundle provides everything you need for ONE YEAR of high school English — all 5 elements of this complex credit — in one place, with a suggested schedule for you to follow, and with detailed information on ways to grade your student’s work and determine an overall grade for the year to record with confidence on the high school transcript.

And how about SERIOUS SAVINGS? The regular price for Another Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 10th grade) saves 30% off the price if you purchased as 4 bundled products (one for lit., one for cinema studies, one for writing, and one for public speaking); it’s about 40% savings off the total price if you purchased each guide individually!

If you’d like an in-depth comparison of the different bundles for Literature and Writing available from your homeschooling big sisters here at 7SistersHomeschool.com, click here for Which ELA Curriculum Bundle is Right for YOU??, and download this FREE, informative PDF.

Why the weird name?

We always want you to make 7Sisters curriculum fit YOUR homeschool, rather than trying to fit your homeschool into our curriculum.

You can use any ELA bundle in the year that seems the best fit for your student.

Our introductory level writing guides are in the “One Year” bundle, with intermediate level guides in the “Another Year” bundle and so forth.

But if your student is a strong writer in 9th grade, and you want to use one of the more rigorous levels of writing, you should feel free to do so!

Which books will my student read and analyze with THIS one-year curriculum bundle?

(You will need to buy copies of these books for your teen to read, or borrow a copy from the library. You might want to purchase from Amazon; if so, we are Amazon associates, and will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you visit Amazon using our link in our sidebar to the right.)

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

Which Cinema Studies guides are a part of this year’s bundle?

(You will need to buy or rent these movies; many are available on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix, or borrow them from a friend or from the library.)

Places in the Heart (starring Sally Field and Danny Glover)

The Miracle Worker (starring Ann Bancroft and Patty Duke)

The Importance of Being Earnest (starring Colin Firth and Rupert Everett)

What’s Up, Doc? (starring Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal)

Field of Dreams (starring Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan)

One important thing to mention:

If you used the Cinema Studies for Literature Learning bundle in the past, your student may have completed one or more of the cinema studies guides that will be included in this one-year ELA bundle.


  • Is it okay to do those movies a second time, to analyze them with another year of maturity? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Can you purchase a movie guide that was NOT a part of the bundle you used in 9th grade and use it instead? SURE! We have lots of other Cinema Studies guides that were not a part of the Cinema Studies for Literature Learning bundle. Choose a title that looks like it could fit well into your year.
  • Is it okay to choose to do only book-based lit. analysis, and leave out movies for the year? YOU BET!

As always, we want you to make our curriculum fit your homeschooling needs. We just wanted to be sure you knew about this potential duplication before you made a decision about this bundle.

And customizing your 7Sisters ELA bundles is easy when you use this simple rule of thumb: in a very general sense, when substituting titles to fit your homeschool:

1 book replaces 2 movies


2 movies replace 1 book


Which writing guides are included?

An Intermediate Guide to High School Essay Writing

An Intermediate Guide to High School Short Story Writing – Tall Tales

An Intermediate Guide to High School Poetry Writing

APA Style Research Paper: An Introductory Guide

MLA Style Research Paper Writing Guide

Composing Successful Cover Letters

What else will I find in this bundle?

Grammar Granules – Essential Elements of English

Recommended Resources for Supplemental Grammar and Vocabulary Learning

Spoken Word Poetry Public Speaking Experience

Humorous Monologue Public Speaking Experience

Parents Manual – Intro and How to Use This Bundle (including direction for grading and determining a final ELA grade for the transcript)

Chart for Determining the Level of Rigor for our year of High School ELA

Suggested Schedule for the Year

Recommendations for HOW MANY BOOKS TOTAL your student should read this year

There are as many different ways to earn that big, complicated ELA credit as there are homeschool families, but this curriculum bundle will make it easy for you to:

  • cover everything you need to cover in a year
  • tweak the assignments if they don’t fit your needs perfectly
  • steer clear of busywork or overkill that might make your student come to hate ELA
  • grade your teen’s work with confidence
  • adjust the level of rigor to fit your child’s level of competence (average – honors)
  • stay on track and record your teen’s progress as the year unfolds

After downloading and saving your curriculum files to your device, begin exploring by opening the file called “INTRO and How-to-Use.”

What people are saying:

This is our first year using your curriculum, 9th grade LA, and we are loving it! Such a gentle approach, yet to the point and thorough. – M.
We have used it for our 9th grader this year. She has liked it and I love it! I like that it is mostly student-led. My daughter has gotten a well-rounded writing and literature class with very good progress in her skills. We have already bought the 10th grade curriculum. – S.
We started the 9th grade bundle this year and my daughter has asked to use the curriculum for next year too. It is very gentle in the instruction, not overwhelming. We like the mix of books & movies for the literature piece. I like week by week syllabus of what to do/complete. We use daily grams from easy grammar for the addlt grammar they recommend. The only minor dislike is the pace of going through some of the books, my daughter is dyslexic so it takes her longer to read assigned books than an average student, but we adjust the schedule as needed to accommodate that. – M.

More on the literature and cinema studies guides in Another Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 10th grade):

Your teen will begin by reading the introductory material at the beginning of the guide and then read the book with its accompanying guide close at hand. Some questions should be answered while reading the book; others will call for a bit of reflection after finishing  the book. Each guide makes the process clear.

“Sum It Up” and “Write in Response” sections in most of the guides help students pull together what they have learned and articulate it using their own words, cementing the new knowledge or understanding in their brains as they do.

These guides are designed to help students mature as readers and thinkers, to do more than simply comprehend the meaning on a surface level and begin to think about what they read more deeply.

Immature readers ask: What happened? Who did it? When did it happen? Where?

Mature readers ask: What is likely to happen as a result of that event? Why did that person do that? How did the passage of time affect the outcome? Might it have been different if it had happened someplace else?

This is the goal of literary analysis, to help teens practice thinking in deeper ways about the words they read on a page.

Your curriculum also includes guides to accompany movies for the purpose of literary analysis. Cinema Studies for Literature Learning guides are a part of this bundle.

Hold the phone!

Why are we assigning MOVIES for literary analysis??

Because good storytelling is good storytelling, and because literary analysis is more about practicing THINKING SKILLS than it is about practicing the physical reading of printed words on a page, literary analysis can be practiced using the medium of movies as well as books.

Your teen will begin by reading the introductory material at the beginning of the guide and then watch the movie once with its accompanying guide close at hand. Like with the books they read and analyze this year, some questions should be answered as they watch the movie (just press pause and jot down a few notes); others can wait until the final credits roll. Each guide makes the process clear. Then, a few days, or a week or two later, the student watches the movie a second time, likely now noticing far more about the elements making up the story and the excellence with which they fit together (we’ve chosen movies that do a really nice job of demonstrating particular literary devices). After a second viewing, they’re ready to write in response to the movie, using prompts at the end of the guide to get them started.

Most teens love a good movie, and struggling readers, in particular, really thrive when given the chance to separate the thinking process of literary analysis from the visual processing challenge of reading printed words. A nice blend of books to read and movies to watch draws high school students in to really engage in the learning available to them as they move beyond comprehension and into analysis.

There are four bundles total in this series of comprehensive High School ELA titles from 7Sisters

~ One Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 9th grade)

~ Another Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 10th grade)

~ One MORE Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 11th grade)

~ A Final Year of High School English/Language Arts (a good fit for 12th grade)

Here’s Sabrina explaining these new bundles,including this 10th grade bundle —

(Note: Video may include mention of time-limited offers that were valid at the time of recording, but have now expired. We have posted the video here on the blog because it contains helpful information about homeschooling we don’t want you to miss, but we cannot offer special discounts beyond their original timeframe. Thanks for understanding!)

Wouldn’t your sophomore enjoy a no-busywork high school ELA credit?

10-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all 7Sisters curriculum!

You can trust your homeschooling “big sisters” at 7SistersHomeschool.com Did you see what Study.com said about us? We made their top 20 list for the BEST BLOGS FOR HOMESCHOOLING HIGH SCHOOL!

For more on the complex ELA credit: Why is Language Arts Such a HUGE credit?

Another Year of High School English/Language Arts – a good fit for 10th grade!

After downloading and saving your curriculum files to your device, begin exploring by opening the file called “INTRO and How-to-Use.”

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