Belshazzar – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation

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Belshazzar – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation presents a mystery: The King Who Never Was

You can find out more with Dr. Gerald R. Culley in this Good Answers Apologetics Presentation Belshazzar!

Dr. Gerald Culley has a ministry to young believers. Statistically, they are at risk. Research shows that two-thirds of them will leave the church by age 20. They leave largely because they have secret doubts about the Bible. With that in mind, Dr. Culley offers a series of video lectures on how archaeology, history and science support our faith in Scripture.

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We have created a Complete List of Good Answers Apologetics that is included in your download that you will receive along with the lecture notes.

All Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations are available now on Dr. Culley’s YouTube channel.

Click here for Belshazzar. 

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