Book and Activity Guide 4: Meet Joey’s Uncle

Meet Joey's Uncle Book and Activity Guide

Here’s a fun original children’s storybook with accompanying developmentally-appropriate activity guide: Book and Activity Guide 4: Meet Joey’s Uncle!

This fun, downloadble book teaches young learners about appreciating others. 7Sisters Literature Activity Guide for Meet Joey’s Uncle guides younger elementary students through developmentally-appropriate phonics and comprehension skills.

Students who are learning to read well love 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides. They have fun while learning and reinforcing necessary reading, grammar and comprehension skills with Joey Monster. Each guide helps young readers practice individual skills while maintaining an appreciation of the literature. Good readers love reading!


Meet Joey’s Uncle: Joey Monster’s Uncle Harry is visiting. In Joey’s mind, he does not really look much like a monster. Joey is embarrassed by his uncle. What happens to change Joey’s mind?

Readability Level:

3rd grade, easy to read

Literature Activity Guide for Meet Joey’s Uncle includes:

  • Grammar component: Regular past tense verbs
  • Spelling/Phonics focus:  short & long /u/ sound
  • Comprehension skills: Context Clues and Story Sequence
  • Story Elements: Children identify elements common to all fictional stories
  • Phonics / Grammar: Students practice a skill with a sorting activity using  words from the story itself (plus a few others thrown in, for good measure)
  • Vocabulary: Young readers learn new words using the “Roll’em & Read’em” activity sheet
  • Research: In order to develop research skills, students are encouraged to study further on topics related to the story

The Elementary Activity Guides are by Wayne Thorp, a veteran elementary school teacher with over thirty years experience teaching grades one through three. He is the father of three K-12 home schooled Wayne Thorp, creator of Elementary Literature Activity Guideschildren (now grown).

10-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee on all 7Sisters EBook curriculum.

Download Book and Activity Guide 4: Meet Joey’s Uncle and your elementary homeschoolers will love learning!

This five-book series will inspire your elementary-aged homeschoolers! (BTW- for an up-close look at Joey Monster book and activity guides, check out this post from our Cousin Angela at Schooling with Grace.)

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