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Career Exploration Textbook is a fun but powerful tool to assist your teen in evaluating potential careers.

High school is such a busy time for teens. They must earn their transcript credits so that they can graduate. Sometimes, this academic busyness means that they do not have time to clarify what will happen after graduation.

Career Exploration is a downloadable PDF textbook. It is valuable for teens who do not know what to do after graduation as well as for teens who already have a plan.

For teens who do not have a clue what they want to do after graduation:

Career Exploration is a wise elective subject to add into the schedule. Instead of graduating from high school with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh of, “Well, I guess I need to figure out what I want to do with my life now…” your teen can be intentionally exploring areas of:

  • interest
  • strength
  • talents
  • and values
  • While they are also seeking guidance from God
    • seeking wise counsel from trusted people
    • and trying out different types of job fields

That’s what Career Exploration Textbook gives to homeschool high schoolers who do not know that to do after graduation.

Teens who do have a plan for life after graduation will also benefit from a Career Exploration elective

In reviewing their strengths, talents, experiences and values, try on internships… all in context of seeking godly counsel homeschool high schoolers often solidify decisions.

Interestingly, we sometimes see them tweak their career decisions as they go through the Career Exploration process. (Better to tweak now than halfway through their college years.)

So, for both types of teens, 7Sisters Career Exploration Textbook provides a lighthearted but comprehensive experience with this part of life preparation.

Career Exploration Textbook contains the following components:

  • God and Career Exploration
  • Role Model Questionnaire
  • My Experiences
  • Preliminary List of Jobs
  • Recognizing Your Strengths, Gifts, and Talents
  • Knowing Your Career Values
  • Clarifying Your Interests
  • Research Break: Do Some Assessments
  • Putting It Together
  • Investigating Some Careers
  • Trying on Career Hats with Interviews, Apprenticeships, or Internships
  • Job Hunting Skills
    • Experiential Resume
    • Cover Letters
    • Interview Skills
  • Supplemental Chapters:
    • Career Exploration in the Bible
    • Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Career Exploration: Don’t let your teen graduate without it. Download the Career Exploration Textbook for your high schooler and help them be more prepared for life after graduation.

Click here to view an excerpt from Career Exploration Textbook.

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