Carry Each Others Burdens

carry each others burdens

Carry Each Others Burdens is useful for everyone at some time. That’s because everyone will experience a crisis sometime. We would like to help our friends during these times, but we don’t always know what is best.

This e-book combines the reports of a study with Marilyn’s personal narrative to help you understand what people find helpful and what they don’t.

(Yes, we know there should be an apostrophe in the word “Other’s” above; our programming language gets confused when we put apostrophes in product names, so we had to omit it. Sorry to appear to clueless regarding punctuation rules!)

Here are some ideas:

  • DO actively listen when your friend needs to talk (no advice required – or probably wanted)
    • Active listening is simply, listening. Occasionally respond with, “I know that’s hard,” or “I know that hurts,” or simply repeat in your own words what your friend said.
  • DO be present – just show up. Your very presence can be a show of support.
  • DO provide meaningful touch – a hug, a pat on the back, a touch on the hand or a back rub – can be the best way to help your friend know that he/she is not alone.
  • DO pray with and for your friend.
    • Be sure not to “lecture pray” (you know, praying that God will show her how to do what you would like for her to do)
  • DO provide practical help.

A true friend is one who is with you through difficult times, as well as the good. A friend that points you to God while doing so, is one of God’s greatest gifts. To be a true friend is also a blessing.

Click here to view an excerpt from Carry Each Other’s Burdens.

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