Homeschool Curriculum Category: Curriculum Acceptable for States that Reimburse

By request from a number of homeschooling families, here is curriculum acceptable for states that reimburse.

Some states, such as Alaska and California, will reimburse homeschooling families for curriculum that meets certain guidelines. These guidelines often include the requirement that the curriculum should not be of a religious nature.

Due to many requests, we have adapted some of our texts, literature and writing guides, so that our homeschooling friends in those states can enjoy 7Sisters’ no-busywork, adaptable educational style. It is usually the case that states that reimburse will accept the curriculum in this category.

The 7Sisters editors are working diligently to add to this list a number of texts, literature guides and writing guides that will be helpful to our homeschooling friends in these states.

Check back with us periodically for updates and feel free to send us requests. We appreciate our many homeschooling families and friends in every American state.