Homeschool Curriculum Category: Short Story Writing Curriculum

Short Story Writing Curriculum from 7SistersHomeschool are guides for creative teens and reluctant writers alike at a high school or confident middle school level. The guides take students step-by-step, year-by-year through the story creating process in a way that is non-threatening and even fun! The Middle School Short Story Guide helps tweens create a fairy tale. The Introductory High School Short Story Guide helps teens turn a favorite family event and turn it into a delightful story. In the Intermediate High School Short Story Guide, teens create a hilarious tall tale. Our most popular guide is the Advanced Short Story Guide where teens invent and record their first myth-fantasy! (There is also a freebie syllabus for the Myth-Fantasy Guide.) Don’t forget a favorite project for high school seniors: Creative Chronicling (they will love you for this). We even have a Family Narrative Writing Guide just for the Christmas Holidays!