Homeschool Curriculum Category: Financial Literacy, Health, Social Sciences, Speech, Electives

Beyond the core courses, teens need credits that prepare them for adulthood such as Financial Literacy, Health, Social Sciences, Speech, Electives.

Many homeschool high schoolers will need Health, Fitness (Physical Education) and Financial Literacy on their transcripts.

7Sisters offers Health, Fitness and Financial Literacy curriculum that is comprehensive. Not only that, these texts follow the 7Sisters standards of no-busywork, level-able to different needs and goals. We have found that teens like this kind of text!

For teens who need or want Social Sciences on their homeschool transcripts, 7Sisters offers several texts for downloading. (BTW- you have probably noticed that many colleges are looking for at least one-half credit of a social science on the transcript.)

History and Philosophy of the Western World, Human Development, Philosophy in Four Questions, and Introduction to Psychology. Note that most of these texts also have a FREE syllabus for you to download to help keep your teens on track.

7Sisters offers popular elective courses such as:

Career Exploration, Early Childhood Education, Speech, Drama and Apologetics. Also, take a look at the resources for job interviews, experiential resumes and prayer journals for teens.

Speech and Drama resources from 7SistersHomeschool help homeschool families experience public speaking and drama in a fun, do-able way! Both Speech and Drama courses build confident communication skills for homeschool high schoolers while they enjoy doing it!

Download each course as a stand alone Financial Literacy, Health, Social Sciences, Speech, or Electives on in a Curriculum Bundle. These are wise choices for a powerful high school experience and life preparation. RETURN  POLICY: 10 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee on all 7Sisters ebook curriculum.

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