Homeschool Curriculum Category: High School One Year English/Language Arts Complete Bundles

The High School English/Language Arts credit is complex — so many pieces to put together. Sometimes, it’s good to have everything all in one place! You have found your all-in-one-place PDF curriculum right here with 7Sisters’ High School English/Language Arts One-Year Complete Bundles…and with your homeschooling big sisters’ commitment to no-busywork! These are a one-credit high school level ELA courses, adaptable for basic, college prep, and honors levels.

Each full-year, adaptable, no busy-work English/Language Arts curriculum for your high school student provides:
Reading with literary analysis,
Writing instruction (for 4 types of papers),
Public speaking
A suggested schedule and
Tools to help with grading!
The literature & writing guides included in this downloadable text will inform and inspire your homeschooling high schoolers without boring or burdening them with busywork.

Literature guides contain brief background information, important literature terms and themes, vocabulary and analysis questions – NEVER enough to kill your teens’ enjoyment of the book.

Writing guides contain concise daily lessons that teach four different types of writing skills important for high school students to master (creative writing/short story, essays, research papers, and poetry). The lessons contain brief information, instruction, and assignments. Rubrics for grading are included.

Both the literature guides and the writing guides are good for self-instruction, as well as family or co-op classes. RETURN  POLICY: 10 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee on all 7Sisters ebook curriculum.