Homeschool Curriculum Category: High School English

CLICKING “STORE” IN THE GREEN BAR ABOVE allows you to shop English curriculum by type – ELA Bundles, Literature and Writing Guides will be listed there BY CATEGORY as you scroll down below the parent category for High School English from 7SistersHomeschool — no-busywork ELA that teens actually like AND you will like the price!

7SistersHomeschool’s Literature Guides teach literature-analysis skills but do not kill the book and are not full of busywork.

Teens sometimes hate literature study guides because they try too many  concepts for each book.That is why our study guides only cover: simple background, basic vocabulary, one or two literary themes or devices, and inferential skills-building questions.

Therefore, each 7Sisters Literature Study Guide includes meaningful activities for teens who want to level up their work to Honors.

When your teens are working on a solid ELA credit, they need experience with writing essays, poetry, short stories, research papers and writing for the real world.

Teens build skills in step-by-step, daily lessons that make sometimes intimidating subjects accessible.

Download individual literature or writing guides a la carte, or choose our popular ELA Bundles:

One Year of High School English/Language Arts,

Another Year of High School English/Language Arts,

One MORE Year of High School English/Language Arts, and

A Final Year of High School English/Language Arts.

These bundled courses give teens a rich experience with reading and writing, communication skills they will carry into adulthood. RETURN  POLICY: 10 day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee on all 7Sisters ebook curriculum.