Homeschool Curriculum Category: Homeschool Elementary, Homeschool Middle School

Homeschool Elementary, Homeschool Middle School- the foundational years for a young person’s education! So, give your young people enjoyable resources.

Elementary Literature Guides add sparkle to your young readers’ learning!

Our original Joey Monster book series (for readers in or near 3rd grade) has fun with Joey Monster and his friends and family. While the Literature Activity Guides go with books you find in your local library. They are full of fun, hands-on learning that builds a love of reading for young elementary-aged homeschoolers.

Middle School Guides deliver enjoyable, no-busywork resources.

Each literature study guide includes vocabulary from the book, comprehension questions for each chapter and going deeper questions for more mature students. .

7Sisters middle school writing guides offer a bit of fun and a bit of high-school prep with Fairy Tale Writing and Essay Writing. These guides introduce “real” writing to your homeschool in our user-friendly, no-busywork format.

Homeschool Elementary, Homeschool Middle School: have fun with these delightful years and 7Sisters resources.